[Solved] Powers explained

Is there a listing/post which explains the powers in more detail?

Hi Lisa,

I'm so sorry your post fell through the cracks! Are you still looking for information on Powers?

Yes please. Thanks

Hi Lisa,

There are three types of powers:

  1. Game-based powers (Tied to the gameplay, these powers affect HP or AP and cannot be changed).
  2. Personal powers (Fully customizable, they provide small perks to students, like being able to eat or listen to music in class.)
  3. Academic powers (Fully customizable, they allow students to support their academic performance, for example by getting a hint on a test or bringing a cheat sheet.)

Powers are earned by levelling up. With each level, students gain 1 PP (Power Point), which they can spend to learn a power. Powers on the first row cost 1 PP each; powers on the second row, 2 PP each; and powers on the third row cost 3 PP each. This means a student must reach Level 18 in order to learn all powers.

Students must spend AP (Action Points) to use their powers, so they are limited in the number of times they can do so.

If you're looking for more specific information, feel free to ask further questions here!

What are the Power Points good for, once they've learned all the powers?

Hey, Benji!

You bring up an excellent point. What would you see Power Points used for, once the student has reached level 18 and is able to unlock all of the powers?


Although the characters can go way up and beyond level 18, that is generally what we consider the "end game". We generally suggest teachers adjust their points in a way that allows for most motivated students to reach level 17 or 18, by the end of the school year or semester - and maybe a little less motivated students to be in the 14-16 range.    

Of course, Classcraft is highly customizable, so it would make sense that, as of right now, student characters can reach up to level 100. 

Looking forward to getting your feedback, Benji!

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