Is it worth it?

I was thinking about upgrading, but it looks very expensive for me to purchase just for the rest of the school year. So, for those of you who have upgraded: is it worth it?

I think it is worth it.  The students absolutely love the outfits, and many of them are inaccessible without giving them gold pieces.  Also, the pets are really cool for students. (note: I have middle schoolers, so YMMV).  I also really like the gradebook since it links their grades directly to the game.  In my class students get gold for turning in assignments before the due date and they get XP for any grade C or better, the higher the grade, the more the XP.

As for the cost, I was able to talk to my principal about it and she let me pay for it out of my classroom material funds, so it didn't cost me personally anything.

I agree that it's worth it.

We used it last year and it really enhanced our school day. It works out about $2.50 per school week. You get a lot for that

I just purchased on a month to month basis till the end of the year.  The extra options and boss battles are probably worth that alone.  I would like to see better pet interactions, more outfit options (gender neutral stuff and maybe a color pallette to really allow customization), and can't wait to see what some of the announced updates will do (hidden treasure sounds AMAZING!.


Go for it our get a referral for a free month from a teacher already using it and try it out here at the end of the year.  

I love it.  It has completely changed the way the students are in the class.  I made a bunch of quests for the students that they don't get a grade on, but to my surprise, they began tearing through them so that they could gain experience and other in-game and in-class benefits.  I love this program.

I use the Quests more than any other feature in Classcraft. I love to give students choice while still letting them sit within a framework I have constructed and Quests are such a cool way to do that (plus they really love the storytelling aspect). To me, that is worth the cost of admission.

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