[Solved] Notifications

Hello all, 

I am interested in starting this with a  class of mine as a trial version. I was just wondering, before I get started, do I get notifications when a student would like to use one of their powers? For example, switching seats with a classmate as a power.

Only in the class feed, if that is set up. Powers like that, I always add a line to the power saying "Alert the Gamemaster you are using this power."

I think this needs to be a feature request.  The newsfeed is too cluttered for things like that.  I already know all of the xp i doled out and the HP I took away - I don't need to see those things in the news feed.  But I do need to see the powers kids use.  Can there be a third notification button in the top right - one for powers kids are using? I wonder if there could even be a ticky box next to the the behavior when you set it up that would say something to the effect of, "the instructor needs to approve this," so that when the kid used it, it would automatically show up in a certain feed for me to look at.  

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