[Solved] Resetting codes and resetting a student



I have one student whose code will not work, (to sign up for the first time), and one student who signed himself up as a teacher. Would you be able to reset them so that they can join our class? 



Hi Ceara, 

Concerning your issue, I created a ticket and I will email you directly to fix it! :)

Hello, I am having the exact same problem. Could you please email with directions to fix this problem? Thank you




and cc 




We are coworkers.



Hi David,

I sent you an email!

I am having the same problem with all of my students! Could you send me the directions to fix this? 

Thank you!


Hi Alyssa,

I sent you an email!

I also had several sign up as teachers!  Could you send me the directions to reset them as students?  




Same problem. One of my students signed up as a teacher. Ughhh :(
Any help would be great!



Hi, everyone!

Your students can log into their teacher accounts, navigate to their account profile (game.classcraft.com/profile), and click "Delete my account" at the bottom of the page.

This will "free" their email addresses and enable them to create their student accounts. Make sure they sign up via game.classcraft.com/signup/student!

Let me know if you have further questions. :-)

Hi there

I also have a student who is unable to sign in for the first time. Please assist.


Hi Elmie,

I'll create a ticket for you as we'll need more information. You can expect to receive an email from Classcraft!

I have a student who initially out in a student code for another student. I have removed them both from the class and re-entered them correctly. One student is still having problems trying to create a new character. The program will bring up the other student's name and we aren't finding a way to change it. Can you please help?

Hi Lisa, 

That's a wonderful question for our support team. Let me create a ticket for you!

I have three students I need to reset their logins as they have no idea what they made their user names.

Hi Elizabeth, if you have those students in your class, you can always change their username and password from your "Configure Class" (the gear icon at the bottom of the left sidebar) > Students > Pencil Icon next to the name. 

If that's not the case, let me know! Best thing would be to speak to a customer support representative in a 1-on-1 conversation either via our chat or ticket system. 


Please contact me regarding resetting/ permanently deleting student accounts. I ran a PD session today and had my attendees sign up as students so I could show them the student side of the game and play a boss battle with them. Then they tried to sign up as teachers and had to use their alternate school email. Is there a way to merge them? Thanks!

Hi Kevin, 

I have sent you an email directly so we can get this taken care of for you.

I've already seen some new teachers mentioning your PD session today. Great Job!! :)

Same problem! I have a student who signed up as a teacher last year (but need him in my class this year), and another student who accidentally used her character from last year and now cannot archive so I can't add her, either. Please help!


Hello Meghan, 

I'm sorry to hear about this situation, and I see here that you have already contacted customer support and that we have helped you already. 

For other teachers that may be having the same issue: If a student you want to add to your class already has a teacher account, you will need to access the teacher account and then head to the "My Profile" page (https://game.classcraft.com/profile), then, click on the "Delete my account" button. Once the account is deleted, you will be able to create a new Classcraft student account for your student, using the email address that was previously used for the Classcraft teacher account. 

As for trouble with archiving students: Students now have the ability to archive their characters from a previous year on their own, from their "My Profile" page. If they are having trouble archiving their account on their own, we would be more than happy to help! Simply send us the email address for that student at support@classcraft.com, with a small description of the situation. 


Hoping this helps! :)

I already submitted one of my friends who is a teacher to be my student by using her email in my classcraft account, let's say her name is Riyad. Actually it was just for wondering,trying and testing about what is classcraft and how to use it. After I have learned and known about how to use it, I would like to remove my friend's student account but I couldn't do it. I have already remove her account from my classcraft, but her account could still be opened. I have deleted my trial account and make a new one. Riyad, my teacher friend is interested to make a trial account to try it with her students, but she couldn't do it because her email is still registered as a student's account. What else could we do? Please help us,thanks. Please help us to make it possible for her to make a new account as a teacher with the same email address she used to help me with my trial class.

One of my students is signed up as both a student (on my side) and a teacher (his side). It keeps prompting him to create a classroom, but he's fine from my end.

Hi Michael and Rachel,

I have transferred both of your situations into email exchanges. We will be able to help you but we need more information before we can actually pose any actions.

In the future, if you need help with anything please contact us at support@classcraft.com. It is easier for us to keep track of all exchanges and share private information through email than through the forums :)

I have a new student that can not access the class using the class code. I manually added the students, but they are stil unabel to get on to classcraft theirself. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Michelle,

I have transferred your case into email exchange. Expect an email from support@classcraft.com soon :)

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