Managing Logistics

I'm an 8th grade math teacher. I've known about Classcraft for a year or so now, but I'm planning on finally taking the plunge with it next week. I have a few questions about the best way to manage game logistics inside and outside of class.

*One of the main reason I want to use Classcraft is because I have two classes in which discipline is a big problem. I'm planning on defining HP penalties for some of the most common misbehaviors. When/how is the best way to apply these? I want the feedback to be as immediate as possible, but students won't always have their devices out, and I don't want to disrupt class by stopping everything to conspicuously apply the penalty. Do students "get the message" if they don't see the penalty for a behavior until perhaps the end of the day?

*What about students using their powers? When/how do you manage that? Is one character loses HP for something and a teammate wants to use a power to mitigate it, how long do they have to do that?

*Do people find the premium content to be worth the cost?



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