[Solved] Same students in 2 different classes

I am just starting and setting up my classes. I teach 2 subjects: English & Science, and I have some students who are in both classes. For example, a girl named Alexis who is in my 3rd Period Science class is also in my 5th Period English class. Will she have 2 separate logins, or will she only have one? Will she still be able to be placed in 2 different classes and on 2 different teams? Will she create 2 different avatars? I'm very confused about this and would appreciate any feedback or input

Hi William,

When a student is playing in more than one class, their level cap increases so that's it's the sum of all level caps in the classes they're playing in, because they have more opportunities to gain XP. The same thing is true for their HP and AP regen rate (how much AP/HP they regain automatically at midnight each day).

So, to answer your question, you could say their HP and XP "transfer" between classes.

Hi Sarah, 

You can import your student in the second class so she can play with the same avatar.

Here is  a link where you can find more info: https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/218411757-Multi-Class-Importing-students-and-their-characters-from-other-classes

Let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Melysa,

If students use the same avatar in different classes, with their HP and XP transfer between classes, or will it stay separate for each class?


Can a student have multiple characters? one for each class with a different teacher? If so how can they login?

Hi Eileen,

There's a limit of one character per student account.

If students are playing with different teachers, those teachers should connect via Teacher Connect in order to have students play with the same character from class to class.

Do you think there is any chance of creating the option to have a "stand alone" class -- allowing students to have more than one avatar -- one avatar for each class?   Some teachers give out points way more generously; then, Classcraft will not as effective in my classroom. (Because of this, I don't really want to tell another about how great Classcraft is.  Or, is there another similar to Classcraft?

Hi Liz,

Thanks for reaching out. 

The idea of Multi-class is to create a consistent experience across students’ school day and provide a more comprehensive record of their behavioral and academic progress.

In order to accomplish this, it is important for teachers to decide together what the game settings, random events, sentences, powers, and HP and XP presets should be so that they can remain consistent in how they run the game.

With the "Share Settings" feature, you can import game customizations other teachers have made.

If it is becoming troublesome, the other option would be to create another account for the students not using their email and just using a username. This means they cannot link their Google Classroom and thus complete Google Classroom assignments in both classes and they will always need to log in and out of each account. 

Let me know if you have any more questions on this.



I can't seem to find the teacher connect ID button to be able to import students who are playing in another teachers class. I can't go any further in setting up my class because of this. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi Suellen,

In order to import students who already play with other teachers, you will need to link your accounts with them using the 'Teacher Connect' feature!

You can connect with other teachers by going to your profile and copying your 'teacher connect ID'. You can then share this code with the teachers you wish to join and they can enter the code in the 'Teacher Connect' section of their profile.

If you do not see the ID button because your device uses a smaller resolution, hover over the left box where it is situated and scroll down to reveal the button:

To learn more about the Teacher Connect feature, you can also head to our knowledge center:https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/217901818-Teacher-Connect-Connecting-with-other-teachers

I teach science and social studies, and have several students in both classes. Both I and the students would much rather have them playing different characters in each class. The storyline will be very different between the two classes, and I could tremendously increase engagement if the students were able to play different characters between them. 

To be sure I understand this, does if mean that students who are in more than one class with me will be able to advance much faster than students who are not? That does not seem equitable.

Hi Jeff!

We recommend to use the same character in all your students classes as this creates a consistent experience across students’ school day and provides a more comprehensive record of their behavioral and academic progress.

However, as long as you are not using emails and Google Classroom then you could create multiple characters for the same student by having different usernames. We've seen this get very confusing though for both teachers and students. 

Students that are in multiple classes shouldn't actually level up too much faster as we have added every classes XP level requirement together for these students to now level up. You can see this in your class settings, here is an example screenshot:

The only stat that isn't systematically impacted is GP (gold points) so you may want to be a little more vigilant when distributing these if you notice that your multi-class students are gaining copious amounts of gold. 

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