Boss Battle Export?

Is there a way for students to access boss battle questions so that they can review for tests after we have played the game in class?

Hi, Sal!

For the moment, boss battles are used as review sessions for the whole class, but soon we'll be adding self-correcting quizzes that students can do through their own accounts.

Any update on this?

Hi Derek,

There is still no ETA for this feature.

Thanks for your patience!

Any progress on exporting the Boss Battle Questions? Or allowing individual students to take the boss battle on their own?

These new features are important to us and we wish to add them in the future but as we refocused our production cycle, other projects have take precedence over them.

I can not promise anything on when or if they we will be made available; but I am definitely adding your voice to the teachers who are asking for these features, David :)

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