[Solved] Equipping Halloween Hats & Helmets

My students have discovered the Halloween themed hats and helmets!

However, although they click "Save" it does not equip it on their character, either on my screen or theirs, regardless of refreshing or closing the browser. 

Hi Jameson, 

Could you confirm if your students still have the gear issue?

If so, which browser and device are they using?



It appears that it is still an issue. I just checked a student machine and account. It appears that the gear is equippable when the student is viewing the "equip gear" page, but when they click back to their avatar dashboard or class display, the halloween hood does not show up. It also does not show up when I view their character on my end, no matter the device or browser. 

We are using Acer Chromebooks for the students, and I am using a PC desktop machine. Both are via Chrome browsers. I also use an iPad and iPhone with the Classcraft App, and the problem exists there as well. 


Hi Jameson, 

I created a ticket and sent it to our dev team.

Thanks for the info! :)

My students are also having the same problem of viewing their Halloween choices and then saving them but when the screen changes back to their dashboard or on my view.  We are using HP Chromebooks and the Google Chrome web browser! Please fix ASAP!!

We are having the same problem with the Halloween choices. Some have also expressed that other gear will not save on their character, even if they have purchased it. 

The developers are currently looking into it. Hopefully it gets solved before Halloween! :)

The Halloween gear fix is now live!

Just in time, too. :)

Verified by my kids. Thanks guys!

i have the same problem, I can't see the new aspects of my students.

Hi Rafa,

Can your students see their new character appearance in their own account?

Yes, they can.

Hi Rafa,

I created a ticket so that we can investigate further.

Solved. Thanks

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