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I invite students to suggest Random Events and we add to them throughout the year.  Is there any way to apply the new Random Events to ALL classes after the initial set up?  You can't even copy/paste, so it's a little labor intensive to type it all in for each class.  

Hi Dierdre,

When you are in the Random Events manager, you can click the "Import" button, which will allow you to search for any random event you have made in any other classes. Note that it can take a minute or two for the list to load.  You can then select whatever random events that you want and import them into that class.

What I have done to keep uniformity between my classes is to create a new class called "A Master Template" and anytime I want to make a change to a class, I make the change in Master Template and then I import the settings for the template into each class period using the "Import Settings" option. This helps prevent me from making a change in one class and then forgetting to make the same change to the rest of my class.

Good luck adventuring!

The only problem to that is 1) if you want to have special behaviors for different classes.  They will all get overwritten.  A second problem with that is that the sentences will get overwritten.  In the book of laments it will say, "this sentence is no longer available," and you have to delete it.  It would be helpful to have the "copy to" ticky box so whenever you added a behavior, there would be note next to it that said, "copy to," and you could select the ticky boxes for the classes you wanted to copy it into. 

What about a different account.  I have changed schools and would like to import my settings from that other account.


Hi Matt,

It's not possible to import settings from another account. What you could do, instead of creating a new account, is go into the account profile of your original account and change the associated email address (I imagine you have a new address for your new school). Make sure to click the green checkmark at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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