[Solved] Tutorial runs every time I open Classcraft, killing one of my players

Every time I open Classcraft it runs a tutorial showing the basics of how to use the interface, including killing one of my players and bringing them down to 5 HP. This would be fine (although annoying, as it takes about 30 seconds to click through each time) except that the lost HP is persistent.

Hi Brian,

Sorry for the inconvenience — our dev team identified a bug. We're working to get it fixed asap!

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I am having the same issue.  I have tried to clear cookies, clear history, change browsers.  Nothing helps.

Our dev team will be pushing the fix live tonight.

In the meantime, you can press the "X" button on the top right corner of the screen when the tutorial is showing. This will close the tutorial and prevent it from re-opening every time.

Awesome.  Thanks for the tip. :D

Thanks, Stephanie. I don't get an X on my screen, so here's hoping the fix takes!

This should be fixed now!

Let us know if anyone is still experiencing the issue.

I am having the same trouble.   Everytime I go into classcraft, it keeps me in tutorial mode.  I want to start over for the new year with new students.  I just got my license key but I am waiting until august to use it.

Hi Alina Segovia,

I'd love to get more info and help you out. What happens when you create a class? What part of the tutorial do you keep being shown?


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