[Solved] Deleted Players and Transferring Students to a new period

Is there a way to restore a deleted player from a class?

Also, is there a way to transfer one student's character from one period to the other? 

Hi Jordan,

You can restore archived students, but not students you removed. If you "archived" them,  you can restore their character (archived players are shown at the bottom of your Students list in your class settings).

To transfer student characters from one class to another:

1) Go to your class settings in the new class.
2) Click "Add Students," then click "Student Database."
3) Select the student you wish to import into the class.
4) You can then safely remove the student from the old class.

This will allow them to play with the same character/account in multiple classes. To import students from another teacher's class, you'll want to first connect through Multi-Class (https://game.classcraft.com/multiclass). This will allow you to share both students and customizations.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for your response!!

So if I deleted a student from one class and now need to add them to another... How do I do that? I try to add them to another class and it tells me they already exist? Although I deleted them in the other class?

I try to add them from the new Google Classroom that they now belong to and it just freezes. 

Hi Jordan,

If you're seeing an error that the user already exists, try adding them by first and last name only (no email, and don't use the Google Classroom import button).

Can you give that a try and let me know if it works?

I am having the same problem. 


I am also having the same problem Stephanie. When I search for the student in the database they are no longer there (because I removed them from the original class). However when I try to add them to their new class, via classroom or by email, it says they already have an account. When the specific student tries to log in, the website just loads and loads without logging in.

Only way I have found to solve this problem is just adding the students with their first and last name only and having them recreate their character and giving them the  XP they had when I deleted their character. 

Go to Add Students for that period

Just add their first and last name on the left hand side

Add students

Annoying process but only way I have found to solve it

Thanks for the idea Jordan. The only problem I foresee, is that my student wouldn't be linked via Google Classroom (registered email he is using is from google apps for education). All my marking is done in classroom and is easily added to classcraft in a couple of clicks. Every time I mark an assignment I would have to manually add this one students results in. Not the end of the world, but a little annoying.

Adding them by first and last name *only* should work if the students are entering the new student code in their existing accounts (since the accounts will be tied to Google Classroom, not the characters).

Let me know!

Thanks Stephanie. I got a really quick response from the Classcraft team. They just deleted the student from my account so that I could re-add him. Appreciate the help!

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