Avatar Clothing Granting Passive Abilities

My students really like the different outfits they can buy, but some of them this year haven't been entirely motivated to play around with them since they don't grant any benefits. I would love it if the outfit they bought would grant them passive benefits in the game that could be customized like some of the skills. Some examples that Ive brainstormed could be 5% bonus to experience gain; -10% damage taken; hp regeneration/day; ap regeneration/day; free spell for the week; +10% gold earned. It would add another layer to the game that would motivate kids not only to level up, but to work towards an outfit goal

I love that idea!  I'd also like my students to be able to buy weapons and armor that help them in boss battles.  For example, a sword that gives them +10% chance of a critical hit, a shield that gives them a +10% chance of being missed, a helmet that reduces boss battle damage by 1, etc.

Good idea i love it!

Yes!  It would be great if CC could add this feature.  Many of my students are also not using their gold to level up their outfits.

Here are some ideas for stats on the armor:

+HP, +AP, +Healing, +bonus damage, +damage resistance.  


I think the other passive abilities above would be cool as "set bonuses" for completing an armor set.  

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