[Solved] No Microsoft Offict 365 Login on the IOS version

When I open the Classcraft app, it asks for my Google account sign in or an email address. 

When I try to enter my Office 365 WORK email address (school email) with the proper password, it does not recognize me. This makes the app worthless to me.  Can we get a Microsoft O365 compatibility going for the app?

I had my whole class create accounts on a PC using their 365 credentials. Now that they have received their iPads, none of them can use the app for the same reason Ellen Earhart describes.

My only workaround for now:

  1. Have students visit https://game.classcraft.com/profile in their browser.
  2. Update the password.
  3. Sign in to Classcraft app with the 365 email address and the new password.

The 365 account is still listed as "linked" on the profile page but I assume this is no longer true or no longer relevant.


Adding the Microsoft log-in to the mobile app is one of our priorities, and we're hoping to get it added soon.

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