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Hello. I cannot seem to get notifications in the app. I loved that feature in Dojo, where I could see on my phone if a parent sent a message or something. I would love to be able to see this. Also, if I could tell when I have a new request to join from a parent. I have checked the settings on my phone, and I can't seem to get it to work. 

We'll have push notifications later this year!

You can approve parent requests from the desktop app at this time. Just go to your class settings.

You can access your class settings two ways:

1) On the game dashboard, click the gear icon in the bottom left corner.
2) On the teacher homepage when you log in, hover your mouse cursor over the circular bubble next to your class and click "Settings."

Commentaire officiel

Hello, are the push notifications in the app active now?  I can't use this as an effective communication tool if I don't know I have gotten a message.

Hi, Justin!

Yes, push notifications are live on mobile. You must access your phone settings and enable Classcraft to send push notifications.

Awesome, thank you.

You're very welcome! :-)

I have notifications activated and I see a little red "7" on my Classcraft icon on my phone. But when I go into the app, it doesn't show me what the notifications are for. On my computer, I can clearly see a green flag on "Messages" showing me that there are 7 messages, and within that I can clearly see which students have a message waiting for me. But on the ipad, there is no green flag with a number anywhere. 


Can you let me know if you're using the latest version of the iOS app (3.0.0)?

Thank you!

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