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I have requested before, and have been told that creating a Gamemaster avatar wasn't a priority yet.  When I introduced the game to my new group of students, they pointed out that there is an avatar on their student code sheets.... isn't he the Gamemaster?  I think they're right!  Any chance you could isolate that graphic and add it to the resources for the classroom?  I have a big display board of all of the crests and avatars, and I'd love to add my avatar as well!

We have some plans for the Gamemaster in the future ... ;)

And yes — I'd be happy to ask our team to add that graphic to the Game Images.

If you want the Gamemaster to be EPIC LEVEL AWESOME, she should have a Las Vegas-styled peacock headdress.  Just sayin'. 


I, too , would like for the Gamemaster to have an avatar in the game, PLEASE! ;-)

Yes, please add!!

I really want to see a Gamemaster avatar added! I ended up going to another avatar creation site and making my own in order to make it my profile pic, but it would be so much cooler if Gamemasters could earn new parts of their outfit perhaps based on how well their students are doing.

I see that you said in September that this was in the works.  It's disappointing that I'm the all powerful Game Master and I can't even design my character.  If it's a money issue, maybe you could make it a perk for those who are paying?

My students asked me if I got to play too and were dissapointed that I didn't get a character.  I made NPCS since my classes are pretty small but they really wanted to see something "powerful" and "awesome".  

Hi, all!

We do understand your point of view – we like avatars too! However, we have a lot to take into consideration. Designing characters and gear sets takes a lot of time, and our illustrator has his hands full for the moment. Moreover, we'll have to rework the interface to incorporate the Gamemaster avatar (that's a considerable amount of work). Rest assured, Gamemaster avatars are something we’re considering for the future, and we want to make sure we do them justice.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

I was considering this from my stand point.

An game-master avatar which earns additional clothing depending on the levels of the students in his class room would be very cool.
Could even be the same clothing the students have, but just a few levels above them?

That way you already have the assets.

As students level up, the game master avater would gain clothing two or three levels higher than them.

This means the Gamemaster is always more epic looking, but gets even more epic as the whole class levels up.



I just made myself a student account and hacked myself to the highest level and bought the level 18 gear! It works for now!

Now THAT'S a genius move, Jules!

I think the whole idea of Gamemasters having avatars and the gears for them is great. I applaud Jules for doing what she did; however, for me, I like when my students surprise me with their gears, considering I haven't seen them on my side. But in addition to that, if Gamemasters get their avatars and gears to go along with them, I think they should look like a master who runs the entire game instead of the students' avatars. Very powerful. 

Here's what I did for the moment!


Create 6 Epic students account, on of each kind male and female.

Level-up to get everything.

Put them in a new team so the students can look at them and dream...

I know this thread is old, but I'm new to CC. The Gamemaster ABSOLUTELY needs an avatar and full profile and must be able to choose from insanely immense outfits. Something that makes the students look up in awe (and fear, to some extent).

^^ THIS.  What I chose to do was create a profile for myself, gave myself enough points to get to the highest level, and picked a look that I thought was badass.  

The Gamemaster is ominpotent, ominpresent, and without corporeal ties.

@Jules I also did this.  I'm on year two of this and this year I am a Healer.  So I have a high level avatar that uses the best healer gear but I'm sure to equip a high level mage pet.   My profile pic here is from my first year which I used for 2 years.  The one below is this year.  Next time I'll go warrior with a pet from one of the other two.  



Looks Epic! Moxie is my favorite!

A Gamemaster Avatar has been discussed frequently here and is still in the works for future plans. 

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As a D&D player I would like to note that in that game, the GM does not have an avatar but can take on an NPC. (non-player character). jeez, us gods can be vain... Just saying... maybe god should remain anonymous for intrinsic motivations' sake.

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