[Solved] Double Screen

Hello my name is DeBorah,


I teach a computer based math class for special needs high school students. In beginning this adventure, it says I have to have a projector casting the game. Is there any other way to play as the projector is used to cast the days lesson.

Hi, DeBorah!

Yes, you could have students follow along on their own devices.

Commentaire officiel

I cast the game during the first five minutes, go to the lesson, and switch back if necessary (e.g. Joe helps an classmate with today's lesson so I give XP).

I also teach math with a computer based program...my students are not allowed to have their mobile devices in the classroom as per school policy and I only have 6 laptops available for them to use...how can I make this work? Is it possible??

Hi, Jennifer!

Students don't need to use devices for the game to work. You can run the game on a projector and use their powers for them via your Teacher account.

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