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We’ve collected ideas from various teachers for behavior presets for XP, HP, and GP. Share your ideas here!

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Description: The Grammar Police are patrolling...
Effect: Any subject-verb agreements, simple spelling mistakes, capitalization, or indenting errors will result in -5HP.
- Dale Tse

Description: Medusa's gaze has turned you into a statue.
Event: A close call with Medusa has frozen your chair (turned it into a stool). To your benefit, you cannot receive any damage today.
- Sam Schneider

Description: The King will inspect the troops. Those found in patriotic outfits will be rewarded!
Effect: Any student who is wearing a school shirt, shorts, etc. will receive 50XP!
- James Sammons

Effect: A random student gets to select a song that the teacher has to sing a Karaoke version of.
- Roy Rodriguez

Effect: The teacher has to wear a wig the entire class period.
- Roy Rodriguez

Effect: A random student is selected and for each pun they can perform, they are awarded 20XP.
- Roy Rodriguez

Effect: Players whose birthday is in this month can get 150 XP as a gift.
- Selena Chen

Effect: A random player must share a book he/she has read recently. (I wanted to promote their reading habit.)
- Selena Chen

Effect: A random player must share a news he/she read this week. (to make the students care more about what's happening around them)
- Selena Chen

Description: Your team stumbles on the gold hoard of a Sphinx who challenges you to answer his riddle.
Effect: The teacher will ask a random team a riddle for 100GP, get it wrong and he takes half of your hoard.
- Scott Ilkenhons

Description: A team must match wits with a grumpy wizard.
Effect: A random team will attempt to stump the teacher with three questions from a topic chosen by the teacher, for each question answered -10HP, or 50XP for each question answered wrong.
- Scott Ilkenhons

Description: Test your Star Wars knowledge.
Effect: A player can wager and answer general Star Wars trivia questions from the Gamemaster. -10 HP per question wrong, 50XP for each that you get right.
- Scott Ilkenhons

Description: You train harder to become stronger.
Effect: Everyone gets twice the number of XP today.
- Morgan de Polignac

Description: Jackie Chan wishes to test your cinema skills.
Effect: A random player has to name three Chinese movies and will get 75XP for each right answer, -10HP for wrong answers, and a search will have to be made to find them.
- Morgan de Polignac

CRAZY VISITOR (mod of Crazy DJ)
Description: Your geographical knowledge will determine your fate.
Effect: A random player will have to guess a capital city of the Gamemaster's choosing. If the student fails, he/she loses 15 HP; if the student guesses correctly, he/she gains 250 XP.
- Matt Hubert

Description: The first rule about Fight Club is no one talks about Fight Club.
Effect: Warriors must work quietly today, the warrior who is most quiet earns 100 XP.
- Matt Hubert

Full disclosure: I am a lefty. Therefore ... one of my events is, "The gods smile on the southpaws. All lefthanders gain 200 XP."
- Travis Phelps

Effect: Students lose 2 HP every time they use the forbidden words, but they gain 100 XP every time the teacher says "yes" or "no."
- Myriam Boucher (My students gained 2300 XP!)

- The Classcraft Team

Curse of Rennoc

Rennoc seeks approval from his subjects.

All players must write a sincere Kudos to a randomly determined player within 5 minutes or fall in battle.  For those that were written, the Gamemaster decides if the Kudos were sincere enough to dispel the curse.  If not, the random player falls in battle and authors of insincere Kudos lose half of their health.


You are freed from the demons within.

One random player has all existing pledges removed.  If there are no pledges, the exorcism jumps to a teammate.  If nobody on the team has any pledges, then Health and Crystals are fully replenished for everyone on the team.

Fountain of Gold

Whilst exploring ruins of an ancient city, four adventurers find gold.

(This is a multiple effect event)
The 1st random player finds 1 GP.
The 2nd random player finds 10 GP.
The 3rd random player finds 100 GP.
The 4th random player finds 1000 GP.

Note, the random players can be repeated.

Luck o' the Irish

Nydia the Leprechaun magically bestows a charm on you to distract you from the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

The player with the least experience gains 2500 XP to gain a level.

(The XP can be adjusted as necessary)


A random player has been pick-pocketed.

All of your GP are gone!

Each team can choose one teammate to gain 300 XP. But, hurry - you only have one minute to decide who the person will be. One random player will be chosen as the reporter. Only the reporter can communicate who receives the reward. They can not choose themselves and they must say the winner's name in under a minute or there is no reward. Did you think that was all? Only the random player may speak once the timer starts. Any team member who can not abide by this will lose 100 XP.

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