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Hi teachers!

We’ve collected ideas from various teachers for behavior presets for XP, HP, and GP. Share your ideas here!

Keep in mind, you can also share and import presets using the Share Settings feature.

Description: The Grammar Police are patrolling...
Effect: Any subject-verb agreements, simple spelling mistakes, capitalization, or indenting errors will result in -5HP.
- Dale Tse

Description: Medusa's gaze has turned you into a statue.
Event: A close call with Medusa has frozen your chair (turned it into a stool). To your benefit, you cannot receive any damage today.
- Sam Schneider

Description: The King will inspect the troops. Those found in patriotic outfits will be rewarded!
Effect: Any student who is wearing a school shirt, shorts, etc. will receive 50XP!
- James Sammons

Effect: A random student gets to select a song that the teacher has to sing a Karaoke version of.
- Roy Rodriguez

Effect: The teacher has to wear a wig the entire class period.
- Roy Rodriguez

Effect: A random student is selected and for each pun they can perform, they are awarded 20XP.
- Roy Rodriguez

Effect: Players whose birthday is in this month can get 150 XP as a gift.
- Selena Chen

Effect: A random player must share a book he/she has read recently. (I wanted to promote their reading habit.)
- Selena Chen

Effect: A random player must share a news he/she read this week. (to make the students care more about what's happening around them)
- Selena Chen

Description: Your team stumbles on the gold hoard of a Sphinx who challenges you to answer his riddle.
Effect: The teacher will ask a random team a riddle for 100GP, get it wrong and he takes half of your hoard.
- Scott Ilkenhons

Description: A team must match wits with a grumpy wizard.
Effect: A random team will attempt to stump the teacher with three questions from a topic chosen by the teacher, for each question answered -10HP, or 50XP for each question answered wrong.
- Scott Ilkenhons

Description: Test your Star Wars knowledge.
Effect: A player can wager and answer general Star Wars trivia questions from the Gamemaster. -10 HP per question wrong, 50XP for each that you get right.
- Scott Ilkenhons

Description: You train harder to become stronger.
Effect: Everyone gets twice the number of XP today.
- Morgan de Polignac

Description: Jackie Chan wishes to test your cinema skills.
Effect: A random player has to name three Chinese movies and will get 75XP for each right answer, -10HP for wrong answers, and a search will have to be made to find them.
- Morgan de Polignac

CRAZY VISITOR (mod of Crazy DJ)
Description: Your geographical knowledge will determine your fate.
Effect: A random player will have to guess a capital city of the Gamemaster's choosing. If the student fails, he/she loses 15 HP; if the student guesses correctly, he/she gains 250 XP.
- Matt Hubert

Description: The first rule about Fight Club is no one talks about Fight Club.
Effect: Warriors must work quietly today, the warrior who is most quiet earns 100 XP.
- Matt Hubert

Full disclosure: I am a lefty. Therefore ... one of my events is, "The gods smile on the southpaws. All lefthanders gain 200 XP."
- Travis Phelps

Effect: Students lose 2 HP every time they use the forbidden words, but they gain 100 XP every time the teacher says "yes" or "no."
- Myriam Boucher (My students gained 2300 XP!)

- The Classcraft Team

Here's a few that I either made or stole from teachers at my campus! I teach Latin, so some of them are more specific to the Romans, but you can adapt as needed, of course.

Alea Iacta Est - The die is cast and Caesar leads his army into Rome. One random Warrior: Random warrior rolls four d20 on behalf of all warriors to gain 4x XP based on the total of the two highest dice.

Battle Cry - Let's go Warriors! Let's go! - All Warriors: gain 300XP if they stand and lead the class in a school cheer 3x.

Battle Tactics - Warriors develop phalanx defense - All warriors +200XP

Bear Attack - A trainer has lost control of his performing bear and goes after the king! But you, o bravest of souls, heroically stood in harm's way on his behalf. One random player -15HP, +200XP & +200GP

Communist Takeover - Genuine equality means not treating everyone the same, but attending equally to everyone's different needs. The player with the most GP. -100 GP, which is divided among their teammates.

Deal With the Dark One in Disguise - You come across a handsome, well-dressed man who makes you an offer you cannot refuse. One random player. -6HP -6AP +666XP, +66GP

Eruption of Vesuvius - Who would win in a fight? A Roman town of 20,000 or one spicy boi? One random player: -25HP. A wall crumbles and falls on you as you flee the city. You escape with your life, but you are severely injured.

Extinction Level Event - A massive comet has struck a faraway land and your town takes damage from the shockwave. Everyone: HP=10

Grey's Anatomy - A good healer knows their way around the human body. All Healers earn 300 XP if they do the motions and sing Head and Shoulders with GM.

Heads and Tails - Your patient is butt-ugly, and you can't tell if that's his head or his tail-end. One Random Healer: GM flips a coin four times for healer to call on behalf of all healers. All healers gain 100 XP for each correct guess.

Heir to the Emperor - The childless Emperor requires an heir and has chosen to adopt one of your team. One random team: Team must choose one player to be adopted by the Emperor. The heir must sit with the Emperor for the whole class period.

Magic Words Gone Awry - Someone pronounced Hocus Pocus incorrectly and the spell backfires. All Mages: receive 300XP if they stand and do the Hokey Pokey led by GM.

Medical Research Funded - Because of the donations of generous benefactors, mystic healing is improved through the development of medicine. All healers: +300XP

Never Trust a Barbarian  - You have been cheated in a business transaction with an "honest" Greek merchant. One random player: -50GP

New Magic Skills - Mages develop a revised book of spells! All mages +300XP

Pyramid Scheme - While plundering the Pharaoh's pyramid with your team, you get lost and come across four doors. One leads to riches. One leads to danger. One leads to a safe exit. One leads back to this same room. One random player: rolls a d4 pyramid die. Roll a 1: team loses 10HP. Roll a 2: team gains 300GP. Roll a 3: team gains 200XP. Roll a 4: roll again.

Roll the Dog - While playing a Roman dice game, you roll the Dog AKA Snake Eyes. One random player: +1XP, +1GP

Sleight of Hand - Mages have stacked the deck. One random Mage: draws 4 cards on behalf of all Mages. Mages gain 4x XP based on the value of the cards. (Face cards = 10, Aces =1)

The Worst Ointment - An astrologer promises to create the best ointment for your wound after he had a vision, but he has no idea what he's doing. One random player: HP=5

Who is a Little Teapot? - You. You is a Little teapot. One random team: Random team earns 200XP for singing I'm a  little teapot", 100XP more if the team stands and does the motions.


Another Latin teacher! And I see that you also use Cambridge.  I am stealing ALL of these.

Hi y'all! I just wanted to mention that you can now share all of your random events in few clicks. 

Simply head over to "Configure Class" (the gear icon at the bottom of the left sidebar), click on "Random Events" and then the blue "Share Settings" button at the top right corner). 


One of my students' current favourites is "Random Chain of Events."

Description: The Gods have a sense of humour. 

One random player -10HP. Zeus smites you with a lightning bolt. 

One random player +30AP. Hermes brings you a message which brings you great joy.

One random player: HP=1. Hades brings you to the banks of the River Styx. The boatman takes all but one of your health, but lets you return to the land of the living. 

One random player: +250XP. Athena, the goddess of knowledge, teaches you about the world. 

One random player: +50GP. King Midas pays you a visit. He gives you a golden chalice (which you promptly sell for 50 Gold, because you believe it to be cursed.) 

One random team: You accidentally stare at Medusa and turn to stone. One random team must hold a pose for 3 minutes, remaining perfectly still the entire time. 

Everyone: +1HP, +1GP, +1XP, +1AP. Pan, the half-boy half-goat wood nymph, dances around the class and taunts you.



Another current favourite that hasn't shown up in a long time for me: 

We're not in Kansas anymore...

A tornado, the likes of which has never been seen on this world, strikes without warning. Your teams are picked up by the winds, tossed around, and scattered to the ends of the lands. All teams lose 2 members, who must then complete a quest to find their way back to the team.

One random player on each team are separated, and lose 2HP from the churning winds. (twice)

Has anyone found a way to delete events? I copied events from one class to another 5 times by accident, so I sometimes end up with the same event multiple times in a week.

Amanda, you can do that pretty easily. Go into settings where you would import new settings and click the pencil next to the one you want to delete. Once you have the edit window open for an event, you can click "Delete Event." You would have to do that for each event as far as I can tell. It might be easier to scrap the class and redo the whole thing as long as it is new and you haven't been working with it for a while. 

This is going to be a lot, but here you go...

Some of the more creative ones I have created are:

Crazy DJ -- Your musical knowledge will determine your fate. -- The game master will play a song that is at least 15 years old. A random player will have to identify the artist OR the song. If the student fails, he/she loses 15 HP; if the student guesses both, he/she gains 250 XP.

Deserving -- You healed a community of fragile, and hairless, cars from rust disease. -- The cars want to thank you for your help by taking you on a joy ride....but they are scared of fast rides.

Deserving #3 -- You save a market of frightened trolls from the evil Princess Union of Death. -- The trolls want to thank you for your help...but first you must give a speech thanking everyone who helped in the battle.

Enchanted Music -- You purchase a cheap music box for a loved one and find a terribly terrific surprise.... --You must a Disney song chosen by the Gamemaster...or reap the terrible consequence

Learned Something New -- You find a lost scroll and read its contents.  When you get back to your group you teach them the ancient wisdom. -- Your group has one minute to tell us different topics we have learned in class in this year.  You will get 20 XP for each topic you can explain (each person needs to say at least one thing).

Opposites -- A strange mushroom jumped into your drink as you took a sip, resulting in odd consequences. -- You must act like a another student in class for one minute.

Air Airplanes -- Who can throw the most accurate paper airplane?  Hit the target and win for your team -- your team will win 200 GP


I love your Learned Something New event Brandon!  That's a good way to get students to think about the things they've learned!

I've changed the events quite a bit in my online classes.  They are asynchronous, so I post an event each evening that takes effect the next day.  So obviously, I can't really have them sing a song or anything like that!  

I have a lot that ask them to post a bit about themselves on the general discussion board to create a sense of community.  Like:

  • Where they would like to vacation if time and money were no option
  • What the most exciting or interesting thing they've done was
  • Post a meditation video for stress relief
  • Post a inspirational video, quote, or image
  • Post their favorite recipe

And I have a study blog and a vocab wiki, so many of the events ask them to post there and gain XP or lose a little health if they do not.  

I also have some puzzle solving ones where I will post a Sudoku for XP or give them a link to a digital breakout.  I don't use the breakout one often because those can be very time consuming and they've changed up the site recently.  

I also hide Mana potions and such in my Blackboard site and have events where they have to hunt for them.  And I'm planning to expand on THOSE sorts of events with the Magic card creator to make more options for things for them to find:

Here's a share/import link to my random events for my web class: 

Again, these are for a totally online class so they have to be asynchronous.  If you teach online, you could import these into your demo class and see if you want to use any of them!

Name: Why so tired?

Description: You have all had a hard day at work, battling evil wizards, climbing tall mountains to escape dangerous trolls, and completing your Science and English work! 

Effect: You are all so tired you have drained all of your AP!

All class loses all of their AP - Class is often not happy with this one haha, but I love it!


Name: There be an eruption on that thar mountain

Description: A nearby volcano has erupted ye bunch of bilge rats. The lava is flowing under you!

Effect: One random team cannot touch the ground for the rest of the lesson. If they succeed they gain 200XP. If they touch the ground they lose 10HP. No feet or legs on tables though!


Name: The end of the rainbow

Description: Your team has managed to catch a pesky little leprechaun and he has taken you to his secret hiding place!

Effect: 1 random team gains 100GP

Hi Guys, I have some new events I wanted to share.

A Horrific Patient: All of the healers are doing their annual medical refresh training and they encounter the worst patient ever. He smells, he is mean, and he keeps throwing things at them any time they come close. EFFECT: All healers gain 200 XP for persevering and helping even the most annoying patient.

An Ancient Grimoire: Your team stumbles on a crumbling cottage and while exploring inside, you find an ancient grimoire. It is full of all sorts of lost arcane knowledge. EFFECT: All mages gain new magical knowledge and 200 XP.

Anyone Have a Basilisk Fang?: You've stumbled on a Horcrux in the classroom & you must destroy it before it can hurt anyone, but you need a special weapon. EFFECT: One random mage must roll a d20. If they roll a 13 or higher, they destroy the Horcrux and everyone gains 200XP. If they roll below a 13, they fall in battle and no one can save them, then the Horcrux is passed to another random mage. This keeps going until someone destroys the Horcrux!

EAT ME!: Your team finds a cake with a tag that says "EAT ME" on it. You figure, "why not" and everyone eats the cake. You really should be more careful about where your food comes from... EFFECT: The cake drains away all of your AP.

DRINK ME!: You find a potion with a tag that says "DRINK ME" on it. You figure, "why not" and drink it down. The potion converts AP to HP. EFFECT: For every AP spent, players earn 1 HP today only!

Lost in the Labyrinth: Your team has been wandering aimlessly in the Labyrinth for several hours and can't find the exit. When you come to a four-way intersection, you decide to ask the fates for help and start rolling a die to choose your path. One leads to riches. One leads to danger. One leads to a safe exit. One leads back to this same room. EFFECT: rolls a 4 sided die. Roll a 1: team loses 15HP. Roll a 2: team gains 200GP. Roll a 3: team gains 200XP. Roll a 4: roll again.

The Abandoned Equipment Shop: You and a friend are walking in the dark forest and you come across an abandoned equipment shop. Deciding to go inside and check it out, you find some abandoned equipment. After closer inspection, you find that with a little elbow grease, they will shine like new. EFFECT: One random player and a partner of their choosing get one piece of magical equipment of their choice unlocked by the Gamemaster. (student submission)

The Mimicking Man

He scurriess through the light of the moon unseen and by no name.

(Player gets to use the chosen ability of one other teammate for 0 AP.)


King Midas

After a harsh storm, a rainbow has appeared with a pot of gold.

(Four different players from different teams get 50 GP)


Blessing from the Gods

The Gods are having a good day today and are feeling pleased.

(A random player levels up.)

The Prophecy has been chosen!

A book resonates from inside a forgotten chamber.

(All Mages earn 100 EXP.)


             The Floor is Lava

The ground beneath us burns with the ashes of our ancestors; though the strength of our leaders unite us.

Walking will make you lose 5 HP per step. Only Team Leaders and the Gamemaster may touch the ground.


You’re on the Naughty List!

Santa is disappointed in all the bad behavior.

(Everyone loses 10 HP.)


              A Knight's Faithful Retirement

After several long years of servicing the Gamemaster, he is finally ready to rest.

(All Warriors receive 100 HP)


The Passenger Pigeon

He soars the skies, known as a hero and accepting your leftovers as a reward

(All players must remain silent, all words must be typed or written.)


Piece of Cake

You aced your test and feel good about yourself.

(Anyone who scored 80+ on your latest test gets 90 GP.)


Gotta Feel Special

Everyone’s been getting attention lately so, why not you?

(The person with the lowest EXP gets 1000 EXP.)

In the King’s Name!

A Knight from a nearby city takes a visit to class and is feeling considerate.

(Everyone gets 30 GP.)


The Queen’s Hungry!

A Knight from a nearby city takes a visit to class and is feeling imprudent.

(Everyone gets robbed of 30 GP.)



           The Cool Kids

Heck yeah! We’re on top of the class.

(Everyone with over 130 GP gets 200 EXP.)


Awful Artist

Gamemaster is unpleased by everyone’s creativity.

(Two random players from each team must draw anything they want; best team gets 600 EXP.)


Mommas Boys

The Warriors are building a totally rad treehouse to impress their mommies.)

(All Warriors loses 20 AP but earn 200 EXP.)


Unorderly Dispute

The Healers are having an intense argument but learned from their mistakes.

(All Healers loses 20 AP but earn 200 EXP.)



Everyone’s in that dancin’ mood.

(Anyone who wants to can participate in a Dance Off! Winner gets 600 EXP, participants gets 200.)


            Singing in the Shower

Even warriors have to here themselves sing sometimes.

(Each team must make or recite a 30 second jingle. Team with the best one gets 300xp per member.)




So I was looking through everyone's posts and trying to figure out how to adapt them to an online class...  Here are some I came up with:

Loose in the Library
Tell the class about your favorite book - fiction or non-fiction - on the Main/Intro Blog. Why do you like it?
If you have more than one favorite, you can just pick the one you think of first or the one you read most recently.
Earn 100 XP if you post by the deadline.

Flashpoint - You've changed the timeline. For the next day only, you can use ONE power a teammate has.
You must have enough XP to use it. Ask the other player how much it costs or check the rules handout!
Message the Game Master to do this!

Yer a Wizard Harry!
If you have fully trained a pet and that pet is visible next to your character, you earn 150 XP.

The Cherry Blossoms are on the trees
Write a haiku about college or your life on the Main/Intro board and earn 150 XP.

Pot of Gold!
The participating player on each team with the least XP finds a hidden treasure and earns 300 Gold.

Trouble in the Market
The player on each team with the most Gold is pick-pocketed in the market and loses 1/3 of their gold.

Laura, some of those sound like ideas which might work well in a quest as well. I wonder if you could combine some other tools with your random event eg make a funny face, take a picture of yourself and share it either with you or in a discussion on a quest. Maybe you could set a task and the students have to post a response in Flipgrid or something like that.

Hi Adam,

I think you certainly could use those sorts of activities in a quest or with Flipgrid!  

I use Blackboard for my classes and one of my issues is keeping students logging in when they're busy with FTF classes, work, family, and other issues.  So I specifically have students post in discussion boards in Blackboard.  They need to log in to see the event (to BB or to Classcraft) and then they need to log in to BB to complete it.  And hopefully this small action helps them stay engaged with the course when a thousand other things are demanding their attention too.

I'm still figuring out how to use Flipgrid in my class.  I wish it integrated better with Blackboard.   But at the moment, I have assignments where every student has to commit to doing something specific to help their Classcraft team study (like share their chapter notes or a quizlet or host a study session on Zoom or another tool, etc.).  One of the options is to explain a topic using Flipgrid. 

I have students submit ideas to me for random events. This is one of them. It really worked out well and was FUN. 


"Rock, Paper, Scissors, DEATH!"


Who will be the Ultimate Loser??


Two players from each team play a best 2 out of 3 of rock, paper, scissors. The loser plays the loser from another team best 2 out of 3 until we have found the Ultimate Loser who must then fall in battle. 


My sentences don't tend to be very punitive. A bit more homework or clean out the recycle bin. Students get so excited when a random event they designed comes up for the class.   

An Attack from Hybern! - Hybern has sent his flying minions to cover our realm in Faebane. The dust of this horrible stone gets in your nose and eyes and nullifies your magic. All Mages lose all of their action points. ***Based on the A Court of Thorns and Roses book series

Corruption in the Court - There are some factions at court that with to overthrow the queen. Do you choose to join them? Your daring might win you XP, but it also might cost you everything! One Random Player: Choose, are you a loyalist or do you wish to join those planning a coup? If you are a loyalist, roll the D20 and the queen will gift you 10X whatever you roll in GP. If you are a rebel, roll the D20 as well. Roll a 15+ and get 30X the roll in GP, roll less than a 15 and fall in battle and lose all of your remaining AP and GP.

Gift of the Summer Court - Tarquin, high lord of the Summer Court, has sent some gifts to our kingdom as thanks for helping them during the attack from Hybern. There are potions aplenty today! All Players: Everyone gets one potion of their choice that will allow them to recover 10HP or 10AP. **Also based on ACOTAR series.

The Dark Elves are at it again! - Alflyse, the queen of Svartalfheim, has sent her Dark Elves to take over our realm. Our warriors and mages were ultimately triumphant, but unfortunately, one member of our court did fall in battle. One random player falls in battle.

Warriors of the Night Court - Illyrian fighters from the Night Court have come to train with the warriors of ours. The Illyrians are ruthless sparring partners and they wear out all of warriors! All warriors are drained of their action points and have some cuts and bruises that need healing too. (-10HP, -50AP) **Based on ACOTAR

Lessons from the Torre Chesme - The greatest healers in the world, those trained by the illustrious Torre Chesme on the Southern Continent have come to educate the healers! All healers are exhausted from their training, but learned so much! (-20AP + 200XP) **Based on Throne of Glass book series






When I first started using Classcraft in my classroom, this thread was a big help for expanding my list of random events. I would like to return the favor by contributing some of the random events my students and I have created over the year.

A Healer's Job is Never Done

This healer has been so overworked, he/she forgot to eat/

One random healer: -20 HP


Assert Your Dominance

Two random players stand face-to-face in a T pose to show dominance. Whoever laughs or drops his or her arms first loses. The winner earns 250 XP and 100 GP for his or her team.


Boogie Bomb

A boogie bomb goes off and everyone must dance.

-10 HP to any player who does not dance

(I have Staying Alive by the Bee Gees on Bookmarks Bar for quick access if this random event shows up.)


Buried Treasure

You stumble across a map that leads you to buried treasure!

One random player: chooses an item from the treasure box


Feed the Hungry

The poor are revolting! You feed them your rations to calm their anger.

The player with the most HP: -10 HP

The player with the least HP: +10 HP


Fountain of Youth

Congratulations! You and your team have found the legendary Fountain of Youth!

One random team: HP is restored to full


Hard Work is Rewarded

Your group finds a mystical warlock who rewards hard work.

The player with the least AP on each team: +20 AP


Queen’s Tournament

The queen has ordered a tournament be held! Every team must select one player to participate in a stone, parchment, blade (rock, paper, scissors) tournament. The team with the winning representative will be awarded 300 GP each.


The Lost Isle

A long lost island of treasure has been discovered. A treasure hunter has put out a request for assistance in loading up valuables from the island. He will only take the first four adventurers with him. Who will be the lucky few?

Everyone: The first four people to stand receive 100 GP



A mage is practicing his/her spells and accidentally explodes a fireball in his/her face.

One random mage: -20 HP


Wrong End

A warrior accidentally picks up his/her sword from the wrong end.

One random warrior: -20 HP

I added an Avengers-themed event for my class.

The Snap

Description of the Event: All the Infinity Stones have been collected, and half the universe suffers.

Effect: One person from each team loses half their HP and half their AP.

Since I have usually 4 students per team, I have it select two random players by adding a second effect.

2 new random events of mine (sorry if they have been used or if there are similar ones out there)

1. "Power Up" - One student instantly levels up

2. "Snorer" - Someone's snoring has kept the entire class up all night and they are very very tired.

One student (the snorer) keeps their AP, everyone else is fully drained of theirs!

Name of Event: Magical Meatloaf

Description: The castle cook whipped up a mess of Magical Meatloaf.

Applies to: All Players

Effect: Everyone's AP will be recharged to full after lunch.

Name of Event: Avid Collector

Description: Welcome to my cabinet of curiosities! Over here we have my collection of mounted monster heads. Ah that? That is a genuine manticore horn, oh, and somebody found my assortment of nekker claws. I have quite a collection here!

Applies to: One Random Player

Effect: One Random Player gets to divide their number of badges by ten and draw that many cards from the deck.

(I use this with Credly badges I award for Character Strength accomplishments as well as academic accomplishments. If you don't use collectible cards, you could use another reward.)

Exercises - I think I took this original idea from somewhere else, but I can’t remember who to give credit to. The kids are always asking for more of these. My brother bought me the book Dungeons and Workouts earlier this year and I’ve been using it as inspiration whenever I feel like writing more.

Treasure Map #1

You find a treasure map that leads to a cave at the top of Grimfang Mountain.

You must climb to the top of Grimfang Mountain (20 Mountain Climbers). You find a cave and must crawl through it (plank for 1 minute). You are attacked by an ogre! (Do 15 squats to avoid his punches) You find a fabulous Treasure!

Everyone: +350 Gold


Treasure Map #2

You find a map that leads to a treasure at the bottom of Icerind Lake.

Swim to the bottom of the lake (Do 10 Supermans). Unlock a magic door (25 jumping jacks). Jump over the lava pits (15 burpees). You found a fabulous treasure!

Everyone: +250 XP


Treasure Map #3

You find a map that leads to treasure in Forgebelly Mountain!

You channel your energy for the run (Tree Pose for 30 seconds). You run through the lava tunnel (High Knees for 30 seconds). You find a tree with golden apples. Jump for the fruit, but duck when the lava splashes! (20 jump squats) You find a fabulous treasure!

Everyone: +15 HP +200 XP


Treasure Map #4

You find a map that leads into the Hazysquint Bog!

You walk into the bog and are immediately punched by an ogre. When you wake up, you're in a pot of stew. Escape (20 jumping jacks). The ogre isn't pleased. Fight him (1 minute of Shadow Boxing)! You see a treasure inside of a gross pit. Lift it out without getting too stinky (20 Reverse Crunches)! You find a fabulous treasure!

Everyone: +200 GP


The Deck of Many Things - borrowed from D&D and adapted for Classcraft.


You draw The Comet from the Deck of Many Things. A star flashes across the night sky.

If you defeat the next boss monster without hints, everyone on the team gains an extra 1000XP

One random team



You draw Donjon from the Deck of Many Things.

You are imprisoned in another plane. The class must free you by defeating a Boss Monster. You may not use any powers until you are free.

One random player



You draw Euryale from the Deck of Many Things. This card's medusa-like visage curses you.

One random player: -25 HP



You draw The Flames from the Deck of Many Things. A powerful demon becomes your enemy.

The next boss monster does double damage to you.

One random team: -10 HP



You draw The Fool from the Deck of Many Things. You feel knowledge slipping away from you. It stings as you throw the card away and you feel compelled to draw again. 

One random player: -10 HP Roll a new Random Event.



You draw The Gem from the Deck of Many Things. Piles of gold appear at your feet.

One random player: +750 GP



You draw The Jester from the Deck of Many Things. “Life is a jest; and all things show it. I thought so once; and now I know it.”

One random player: Gain 500 XP or roll 3 new random events.



You draw The Key from the Deck of Many Things. A magical weapon appears in your hands.

You are empowered, refreshed, and wiser than before.

One random player: +100 HP +30 AP +200XP



You draw the Moon from the Deck of Many Things.

You gain a wish. Discuss with the Gamemaster what you would like to wish for in game and come to a compromise. 

One random player

(Kids have wished for a million XP (I gave them 1000 or 2000, whatever felt like a lot but wasn’t game breaking), to not fall in battle, to save a teammate from falling in battle, to erase a random event, and to erase a failed boss battle and try again)



You draw The Rogue from the Deck of Many Things. You feel a sudden sense of dread and realize someone much sneakier than you has become your enemy.

One random player: -10 HP -50 GP



You draw Ruin from the Deck of Many Things. All your worldly possessions melt away.

One random player per team: -300 GP

(I give out a lot of gold so kids can, on top of regular stuff, buy potions I sell in class on Monday. -300 is just enough to sting, but it isn’t terrible)



You draw The Skull from the Deck of Many Things. An Avatar of Death appears before you.

Face an Avatar boss battle.

(An Avatar is a review boss battle that can encompass anything we’ve learned in that subject. When I’m really on top of it, I update them once a unit. When I’m not, we just face a boss battle of the whatever subject I feel like having them face)



You draw The Star from the Deck of Many Things. You begin to glow with the faint light of a star. You suddenly perceive knowledge that was hidden from you.

One player per team: +300 XP



You draw The Sun from the Deck of Many Things. You begin to shine with the radiance of the sun. Light spills from your every pore as knowledge floods your brain.

One random player: +1000XP



You draw The Talons from the Deck of Many Things. You feel yourself raked by unseen claws. You check yourself, but don’t find any wounds. Perhaps you were injured in some other way?

One random player per team: You cannot use powers for the next 24 hours.


The Fates

You draw The Fates from the Deck of Many Things. Reality's fabric unravels and spins anew.

One random player: You may avoid or erase any one event, except your own death.


The Void

You draw The Void from the Deck of Many Things. Your soul is sucked out of your body and placed in a gem. An Avatar guards this gem.

One random player: Boss battle with an avatar. The random player must sit with the GM and cannot help in any way. If the class loses, the random player falls in battle.

(I usually pick a random object on my desk and tell the student they’re stuck inside of it and have to carry it around until we beat an Avatar. It’s pretty funny to see kids pretend to be trapped in a stress ball or stapler)



You draw The Throne from the Deck of Many Things.

One random player: The class will be assigned a Boss Monster. If you win, the class receives extra XP and everyone must refer to you as, "Your Majesty," or, "Your Highness" for a time of the Gamemaster's choosing.



You draw The Vizier from the Deck of Many Things. You gain the power to consult an immensely knowledgeable being one time.

One random team: One time only, you may ask the GM to aid you in a Boss Battle. He will give you the correct answer.


Student Created - just a few of my favorites. . . and that I’m positive kids made. For a lot of them, I couldn’t remember where they had come from.

The Realm of Diamonds

You are sent to the Realm of Diamonds to study the creatures there. Bring back a drawing for your teacher of one of the creatures you observed.

All players: Draw a Diamond Monster. Receive +150 XP


Reading Time!

You have the curse of pages.

Turn to a neighbor and share about your Just Right book.

All players: +150 XP



It's hot and dry. A mage tries a spell to make it rain and help his garden grow.

All players: Everyone is struck by lightning. -20 HP


Griffon Claw

You find a golden griffon claw in a mysterious cave

You are able to sell it for 50 gold.

One player: +50 GP

The posts here are great. I would like to share these 2 quests that the students absolutely LOVE...


These Random Events definitely takes some customization but the students really go crazy about these. Have fun with it!

I created this one for my middle school band class.

Title: The Price Isn't Always Right.

Description: Wahmp-Wahmp! Sounds like we need sound effects.

Effect: Every time the game master says the word "bummer" (I say it A LOT), the first person to play a sad sound effect on their instrument earns 75 XP.

Avalanche Response

Quick, think of something to shout to trigger an avalanche to stop the attacking army.

Each team member must say a word that starts with the letter that the previous word said ended with, for 1 minute. The game master starts and each new word earns 10 Experience.


Cover Names

We need to sneak into the citadel, so remember not to use our real names or we could be caught.

Every time a player calls the game master "sir", they lose 1 Crystal.

If a player gets another player to say their name, they steal 1 Crystal from them.


Cryptic Runes

Can you guess what the ancient message on the stone tablet means?

Random team must have each team member imagine possible meanings for an imaginary word the game master makes up. The best ideas win 100 Gold.'


Curse of the Beast

You've been cursed with the mark of the beast that turns you into a wild animal, pass it to another or suffer it yourself!

Random player must select another player to act as an animal of their choice.


Fairytale Quest

Mother Goose has lost the pages from her book of fables, help her recover the missing chapters.

Random team must name as many fairy tales as possible within the 30 second time limit. Each correct answer earns you 20 Gold.


Food Collection

You've been tasked to collect food for a hungry village after a locust infestation.

Random player must name foods that start with the same letter as their name within 1 minute, each correct answer earns 10 Gold for their team.


Magic Mirror

You both looked into the magic mirror and have now swapped bodies!

2 Random Players swap Crystals


Number of Chance

You find many numbered doors, you have one chance to pick the right path that will lead you to fortune.

Each team will choose a number from 1 to 100, the game master will pick a random number. The team closest to that number wins 100 Gold and 1 Crystal.


Play Dead

There are zombies everywhere, play dead to avoid the horde.

Random player must act out their imagined death scene to earn points or else lose 3 Health.


Princess Diaries

Help the princess learn who is the fairest in the land.

Any team can list at least 10 disney princesses to win 100 Gold. If they can't name enough they lose 3 Crystals.


Remembrance Event

It's time to record the journey of your all events so far, if you can remember.

Each person earns 20 Gold for each Random Event they can name correctly for them self in the time limit.


Scooby Chase

Escape the phantom chasing you with help from Scooby Doo and the gang.

Everyone will lose 5 Crystals unless they can say the Scooby Doo character's catch phrases, each phrase negates the loss of 1 Crystal.


Smile Please

Famine and misfortunes have brought misery to the village, can you bring smiles and laughter back again?

A random team must make a random player smile to gain 100 Gold.


Story Time

The young prince can't sleep, tell him a bedtime story.

Any players can make up a short story based on the game master's theme. Stories can win up to Gold and Crystals for their team/self.


Toon Mate

Time to convince the sentries you are just a harmless cartoon with impressions.

Random player chooses another player to sound like a classic toon character of their choice to earn Gold and Crystals.


Toy Search

A child named Andy has misplaced all their toys, you must help look for them.

Everyone must try name the toys from Toy Story, the team who can name the most wins 50 Gold and 2 Crystals.


Volcano Offering

Give a sacrificial offering to the angry volcano god or the volcano will erupt!

Random team will lose 3 Health unless a team member sacrifices 250 Gold.



the one that says egg wins 1000000 xp


A random team is ambushed by robbers.  All their gold is stolen!

BIX Hits!

A random player gets to choose a song for the Gamemaster to guess the name of.  Without knowing the song, all other players record their name and whether they think the Gamemaster will guess the song correctly or not.  These are collected before the Gamemaster guesses.  If the majority of players guessed correctly, the randomly chosen player wins a 500 GP prize!

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