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Description: The Grammar Police are patrolling...
Effect: Any subject-verb agreements, simple spelling mistakes, capitalization, or indenting errors will result in -5HP.
- Dale Tse

Description: Medusa's gaze has turned you into a statue.
Event: A close call with Medusa has frozen your chair (turned it into a stool). To your benefit, you cannot receive any damage today.
- Sam Schneider

Description: The King will inspect the troops. Those found in patriotic outfits will be rewarded!
Effect: Any student who is wearing a school shirt, shorts, etc. will receive 50XP!
- James Sammons

Effect: A random student gets to select a song that the teacher has to sing a Karaoke version of.
- Roy Rodriguez

Effect: The teacher has to wear a wig the entire class period.
- Roy Rodriguez

Effect: A random student is selected and for each pun they can perform, they are awarded 20XP.
- Roy Rodriguez

Effect: Players whose birthday is in this month can get 150 XP as a gift.
- Selena Chen

Effect: A random player must share a book he/she has read recently. (I wanted to promote their reading habit.)
- Selena Chen

Effect: A random player must share a news he/she read this week. (to make the students care more about what's happening around them)
- Selena Chen

Description: Your team stumbles on the gold hoard of a Sphinx who challenges you to answer his riddle.
Effect: The teacher will ask a random team a riddle for 100GP, get it wrong and he takes half of your hoard.
- Scott Ilkenhons

Description: A team must match wits with a grumpy wizard.
Effect: A random team will attempt to stump the teacher with three questions from a topic chosen by the teacher, for each question answered -10HP, or 50XP for each question answered wrong.
- Scott Ilkenhons

Description: Test your Star Wars knowledge.
Effect: A player can wager and answer general Star Wars trivia questions from the Gamemaster. -10 HP per question wrong, 50XP for each that you get right.
- Scott Ilkenhons

Description: You train harder to become stronger.
Effect: Everyone gets twice the number of XP today.
- Morgan de Polignac

Description: Jackie Chan wishes to test your cinema skills.
Effect: A random player has to name three Chinese movies and will get 75XP for each right answer, -10HP for wrong answers, and a search will have to be made to find them.
- Morgan de Polignac

CRAZY VISITOR (mod of Crazy DJ)
Description: Your geographical knowledge will determine your fate.
Effect: A random player will have to guess a capital city of the Gamemaster's choosing. If the student fails, he/she loses 15 HP; if the student guesses correctly, he/she gains 250 XP.
- Matt Hubert

Description: The first rule about Fight Club is no one talks about Fight Club.
Effect: Warriors must work quietly today, the warrior who is most quiet earns 100 XP.
- Matt Hubert

Full disclosure: I am a lefty. Therefore ... one of my events is, "The gods smile on the southpaws. All lefthanders gain 200 XP."
- Travis Phelps

Effect: Students lose 2 HP every time they use the forbidden words, but they gain 100 XP every time the teacher says "yes" or "no."
- Myriam Boucher (My students gained 2300 XP!)

- The Classcraft Team

This one is one my students came up with, but they enjoy... It's a little wordy, but they enjoy it whenever it comes up.

  • Name: A Wild Pokemon Appears
  • Description: I choose you, Pikachu!
  • Effect: A random player can select up to 3 other players to be his/her Pokemon in battle. The "Pokemon" will take -5 HP Damage, but gain 250 XP. The "Trainer" will gain 100 GP as a reward for doing battle.

Also, I've used this one for a few years. If you don't mind giving out candy...

  • Name: Covered in Bees!!!
  • Description: Go for the honey, you're bound to get stung.
  • Effect: A random student* is offered a piece of candy and 50 XP, but the bees sting his/her life down to 5 HP.

*Often times I open it up to the whole class.

Dans évènements aléatoire, j'ai rajouté "happy birthday"en me basant sur des idees du forum mais en apportant une petite modification.

le joueur ayant son anniversaire aujourd'hui reçoit 150xp.

Si personne n'a son anniversaire, celui l'ayant le plus près de la date du jour reçoit les points avec un barème dégressif .

le barème dégressif dépendant de "j", nombre de jours séparant sa date d anniversaire du jour en question et donné par la fonction

A(j) = 150 -10j

Qu en penses tu, ça pourrait marcher, et en plus ils travaillent sur la notion de fonction.

Bonjour Michel, 

Merci de partager vos idées dans les forums. 

J'aimerais simplement vous dire qu'il y a des forums en français, où d'autres enseignants seront heureux de lire vos idées et suggestions. 

Merci encore :)


I created 10 "Random Monster Encounters" in which students have to fight a boss battle based on the most recent vocabulary terms. I like the unpredictability of random monster encounters in RPGs and wanted to bring that to my classroom. It's a great forced break from standard routine when we take 10 minutes to fight a monster. I do give students a chance to heal beforehand, but its a great RPG-ified version of a pop quiz.


I also have a random event called "Thief!" where one random student loses 50 GP and another random student gains the 50 GP.

I asked the students to help, and this is what they came up with!

Poker Night: "During a stay at a tavern, one of your teammates manages to outwit the master at their card table." Effect: The player may come up and tell the GM to deal them cards to win up to 21 XP. If they go over the amount of 21, no XP will be given. (Option: have two teams send up a player to go head-to-head)

Like Thanksgiving came Early: "You stumble upon a sugar cane field in your explorations!" Effect: Teams must decide if they wish to have a piece of candy or +75 XP and +5 HP

Drunken Revelry: "Your team happened to come across a traveling bard. As you share your food and drink with him, you are filled with energy." Effect: The student who loses the most HP will have the chance to full-heal their team by singing "I Will Survive" at the end of the class period.

Your students were very creative, Maggie! :D

  • 'Twas Beauty That Killed the Beast  |  King Kong demands a sacrifice!  |  A random team must sacrifice the player with the longest hair.
  • Amazon Prime!  |  We'd like you to review an item you purchased.  |  A random student will get to choose a person who must say 5 truthful compliments about that student.

Then I got creative...

  • Everybody Lies.  |  Dr. House has taken the case.  |  A random healer answers a health-related question.  If they get it right, they get 100XP and the person on their team with the least HP is fully healed.  If they do not, the person with the least HP on their team falls in battle.
  • Flashpoint  |  You've changed the timeline.  |  A random student is chosen.  Everyone except that student on that team switches seats with each other for the day.
  • Graff's Favor  |  You've been singled out as the favorite so that your friends will hate you!  |  A random player gains 500XP.  His teammates all lose 100XP.
  • Me Am So Lucky!  |  A sudden craving for cookies strikes you...  |  A random team has to talk like Cookie Monster for the rest of the class.  This includes using "me" instead of "I" and a low, gravelly voice.  If successful, the team gets 200XP
  • Naruto's Responsibility  |  Lots of people are counting on you, so you can't give up!  No matter what!  |  A random student is chosen.  For anyone on his/her team to speak, the answer must go through that student.  Any points awarded go to the whole team.  That student also takes all damage for the team.  This effect stops if the student falls in battle.  If the student does not fall in battle, the entire team gains 100XP.
  • Over the Top!  |  The world meets nobody halfway.  |  The two people with the highest XP on a random team must arm-wrestle.  The winner gains 100XP.  [The kids LOVE this one, despite having never heard of the movie.]
  • The Fresh Prince Returns!  |  Never see Will attackin' 'em, I rather play ball with Shaq and 'em, Flatten 'em!  |  Instead of losing points, those who use inappropriate language automatically fall in battle.
  • The Great Jedi Purge  |  Execute Order 66.  Rewards given for any Jedi reported to the Empire.  |  Instead of losing HP, anyone caught with their hood up falls in battle.  Anyone who catches someone with their hood up gets 100XP.
  • Trollololololol!  |  You've been trolled!  |  A random student loses 100XP, goes down to 1HP, and is now named "Princess Peach."  Everyone else gains 100XP.
  • Yer a wizard, Harry!  |  You have been accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry!  |  All Mages +200XP


  • An Abundance of Energy| You feel like Jumping Jack Flash!| A random team is chosen and they must all complete ten jumping jacks to earn 100 XP. If even one team member refuses, then another random team is chosen to receive 200 XP. 
  • Beam Me Up! | You receive blessings on a whole new level! | One random player receives enough XP to boost them up to the next level! (The collective gasps that came from my students when this one came up was hilarious!)

Name of Event: Battle Scars

Description: Oh, no! You were attacked on a forest road by bandits. You managed to fight them off, but in the midst of the struggle, one of them cut off your hand!

Effect: One random player -5 AP and must use only one hand for the rest of class.


Name: Commandeered!

Description: On a voyage across the sea, your ship gets taken over by pirates!

Effect: One random team -20 AP


Name: Lights Out!

Description: You explore a cave and get trapped inside!

Effect: Everyone must work with the lights off for the rest of class.


Name: Shipwrecked

Description: You and your team got shipwrecked on a deserted island and got separated from one another.

Effect: Everyone must move to a new table and cannot sit with more than two people from their team.


Name: Scholar's Treasure

Description: You find a chest full of intriguing scrolls and decide to read them all.

Effect: One random player gets to work in the library for the rest of class. (Does not have to be a random player; could be the player with the most XP)

With the new Volume Meter, I instantly came up with this idea (Would be better if there were a "failure limit" on the meter that ended it for everyone after a certain number of failures... Eh, game makers?)

NameSilence is Golden

Description: You come across a cave full of treasure... and bats... and a dragon.

Effect: The Volume Meter will be set at 30%. If you can stay quiet for 10 minutes, you will walk away with 1000 GP. Each time you fail, the bats attack you for -5HP. Fail more than 5 times, and the dragon will chase you out of the cave before you get the treasure.

Name: See a Penny Pick it up, the Rest of the Day you will have GOOD LUCK!

Description: As you are walking to Hero School, you spy a glint under a bush. You pick it up and it is a penny! You quickly polish the penny and see that it is made of solid gold and find that it is worth even more than 1 gold piece. You sell it and split the earnings evenly with your team!

Effect on Random Team: +100GP +10XP

Name: Good or Bad Mushrooms?

Description:Your team spied a bunch of mushrooms near where you were picnicking. After much researching your party decides to eat the mushrooms.

Effect: Team with lowest HP gains 20HP and 10XP

Then redo Good or Bad Mushrooms with a negative consequence.

A Very Eventful Day - Roll 5 Random Events in a row. (No more can be rolled today, even if one of the events says to.)

Build a Wall - One random team: That team isn't affected by Random Events this week, good or bad. (Student idea)

Trip to Accentia - All players can speak in an accent for the class. Everyone who does earns 50 XP. (Student idea)

Tricksy Pixie - The last person to touch his or her nose loses 10 HP.

Thumb Battle - One random player challenges another player to a thumb war. The winner earns 100 XP for the team, while the loser suffers the shame of defeat.

Sneaky Sneaky - "Heads Up 7up" - the team that is chosen are the "sneakers", while the rest of you are "sleepers". If a sleeper guesses which sneaker touched their thumb, the sleeper gets +100XP. Otherwise, that sleeper gets +100XP.

Penance Power - A random player can use any tier one power at no cost but will take 10 HP damage each use

Ragnorok - Two random teams face each other in battle where all HP and AP are restored. The winning team gains 500 XP and 200 GP while the losing team all fall in battle (no sentences).

Terraforming - In a 30 second count, all players must move to a different seat for the remainder of the period.

The chant of the master - The student with the least XP chooses a song that the Gamemaster must sing.

Volcanic Curse - A random student cannot call out at any point in class. If they do, they deal 5 HP to the rest of their teammates.

How do 2 teams "face each other in battle?"

I did it by using the same boss battle and having one team leave the room as the results are being done for one group. Then the group comes back. Whichever team does more damage to the boss gets their HP back as well as the XP/GP bonus while the other team keeps whichever HP level they are at when the battle ends.

My favorites have been ones that require empathy on behalf of the students.

Curse of the Golem
All students are petrified to the their chair and cannot leave it until the effects are lifted by the GameMaster.
It made it so only my students in wheelchairs were mobile.

Guided By Mimes
All students can only communicate through non-verbal methods.
This made my non-verbal students who were accustomed to picture symbols or text to speech the most "talkative".

I've adapted a lot of the events in my online classes to encourage students to log in and stay engaged.  So I have a bunch where students have to post something fun on my general conversation board or something they've learned from the class (most interesting fact, etc) on the study board.  They generally gain ~100XP for posting and sometimes take a small amount of health damage if they don't.  These are things like:

  • What's the most interesting thing about you that no one would guess?
  • Where would you go on vacation if time and money were no object?
  • Who is the most interesting person you ever met?
  • What pet would you have if you could have any pet?
  • Tell a family-friendly joke 
  • Post a meditative or relaxing video that helps you relax at finals


  • Post something interesting about medicine (healers), warfare (warriors), or magical beliefs in the times the course covers
  • ID two terms from the upcoming review sheet 
  • Share your favorite study tip
  • Find a Presentation, Prezi, Quizlet quiz, website, or similar tool that covers the course material and give us the link to it
  • Teach the teacher - tell me a fact you think I don't know

I also have a couple of events to get my adult learners to pay attention to gear:

  • Robin Hood - the two players w/ the most gold who have NOT bought any gear get their gold taken by Robin Hood and distributed to the rest of the class (with some time to go spend the gold themselves before it happens)
  • Fancy Dress Ball - everyone who has spent all or almost all their gold and put on a cool outfit gets full AP restored (usually this is a non-random event right before finals). 

I also hide images of mana potions and treasure chests around the course and reveal them from time to time as part of a random event.  When people find them, they can tell me where and get some gold or AP restored.  

These are such great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

I wanted to create some random events that could play out differently depending on student choice and the roll of a dice. Many of the events I've made and seen are forced events (Ex. You find a treasure chest. You enter the cave and see a wizard. A giant cow comes down from the sky and blesses you.) with only one outcome. Even the competition (team vs team, boss battles, etc...) and challenges (Stay quiet for the period and get a reward) only have obvious outcomes of win/lose. I wanted to create something that leaves the effect of the event a mystery. I added dice rolls so that the outcomes truly are unpredictable, even for the gamemaster.

I have started working on some random events that give students a bit more narrative choice when playing. Here are two of them:

Event 1: Bandit Camp

  • Description/Effect - You spot a bandit camp just off the trail up ahead. They haven't spotted your team yet, but you'll need to be careful to get past them. Or you can try to sneak in and steal some gold as you pass. Are you going to try for the gold or focus on your team's safety? Effect - Roll d20. If you are just sneaking past, you need to roll at least 7. If you are trying to steal gold, you need to roll at least a 12.
  • In this event, the student makes a choice whether to take the safer option or to increase the risk for a better reward. In this event, one student is chosen, but their actions affect their whole group. If they're spotted, the whole team loses 10 HP, but if they succeed they each gain 150 GP.

Event 2: Suspicious Potion

  • Description/Effect - You find a small leather bag hidden beneath a rock. Inside is a small potion in a clear bottle. The liquid inside swirls with colors. You see red, blue, gold, and green spiral inside. Do you drink the potion? Effect - If you drink the potion, roll a D20 dice to see the effect.
  • In this event, the student makes a choice that will only affect them. I intentionally keep the possible results a secret so that students don't know the possible results. If students roll a 1-3, they get 10 HP. If students roll a 4-6, they get 10 AP. If they roll a 7 or 8, they get 100 XP. If they get 9-20, they lose 10 HP.

These are just two of my new random events. If you have any thoughts for more open-ended events or dice-decided events, I would love to hear them!

Wow, those are great Jared.  I think I am going to add similar things to my random events!

Nice. I like these ideas. 

Have you used these chain events?  I was wondering if the probability of it happening is too low, so most times you would go through the whole class without it happening.

I tried it a couple times myself and was able to achieve it without too much trouble. But I just tried it again and it took me 20-something tries. My class is 26 students, but I could modify it and swap out the D8 for another D6 or D4 if it kept going. I also don't have a problem with coming back to it later in the day and letting the suspense build, but I have my kids all day long.

A couple new ones for me. I will disclose I have a smart board, so that may or may not affect your usage. I've had students in the past that LOVE the Quick, Draw! game located at

Time for Tea - 'Ello, Guvhnur! Top of the morning to you! - A random team must speak with a British accent for the entire class. Success = 150 XP and 150 quid. Failure = -20 AP

Quick, Draw! 1 - Your drawing skills are put to the test. - 2 Random Teams are selected. An order of 1-6 must be chosen beforehand. Each person is responsible for that drawing in around of "Quick, Draw!" No help allowed! All team members must help at least once! The team that gets the higher score earns 150 XP and 150 GP.

Quick, Draw! 2 - Your drawing skills are put to the test. - Each team has a chance to go up against the "Quick, Draw!" game. All team members must participate. Determine the order beforehand of 1-6. For each drawing the computer guesses, your team will earn 30 GP and 25 XP.

I created a random event titled "Level the Playing Field"  -  Everyone in the class is leveled up to the highest level in the class.  But BEWARE -  One false move, call out or disruption and you are brought down to the lowest level.

So, for my own entertainment (and to build team skills), I created two events that require teamwork. 

Quick Draw!: Each team must draw a picture of the GM. The team with the most accurate (read:most flattering) picture of the GM, in the shortest amount of time, wins. 

Ode to the GM: Each team is given 5 minutes to compose a poem to the GM's majesty. The team with the best poem (you decide on what you consider "best" - best sonnet? Best haiku? Best free verse? Best rhyming verse? Best use of figurative language? etc.) The winning team gets XP and GP.

For all of these, you can break it up into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. For my larger classes (35+), I use all three places. For my smallest class (10), I have individuals compete instead of teams. 

I have come up with a couple that are some class favorites: 

The Gambler's Gambit: One random player is selected to test their trivia skills. They choose an amount of XP to wager. If they win, they earn double the XP they wagered. If they can't answer the question correctly, they lose the XP they gambled. They have to choose an amount after they hear a topic, but before they learn the question.

Don't Blink: The Weeping Angels are coming for you. As long as your eyes are open, they are frozen in stone, but if you blink or they will throw you back in time! The player who lasts the longest without blinking wins 250XP. (This usually is accompanied by a short clip showing Weeping Angels in action).

The Anti Yogi: Everyone likes to rush in to get to the yoga balls. It is time to reward those who choose other seating options! Everyone not sitting on a yoga ball gains 25GP. 

Detention in the Forbidden Forest: You've broken the school rules one too many times and have to serve detention with Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest. All mages must answer a Harry Potter trivia question. If you get it right, gain 150XP, if you get it wrong, lose 10HP.

Arcadia, those are awesome! Hope you don't mind if I use them!

I hope it's ok to post screenshots. I've tried to have enough to have at least one event per day for a month without repeating. I know some of these were the default settings but I can't remember which were there at the start and which I've added over time. I teach 10-11 year old kids, which is why some of the events are a bit juvenile.

Here's my ever-growing list!


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