Class Tools

Hi, everyone:

Class Tools include Random Picker, Random Events, Timer, Stopwatch, Boss Battles, Volume Meter, Grade Converter and Kudos. The availability of these tools will vary with a Premium or Free account.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Class Tools!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

Are quests envisioned to be team quests or player quests?

Can students participate in quests at home?

Hi Barry,

Quests are currently player adventures that students embark upon on their own, either at home or at school.

I hope this answers your questions!

Two questions:

1- Is there a way for me to delete a quest once it's been posted?

2- Can students level up without going through a quest?  For instance, if I used Classcraft for everything except quests, could the students still go to the next level?

Hi Jen,

1. In the top left corner of your quest map, click the small pencil icon next to your quest name. You'll find the "delete" button at the bottom of the quest editing screen.

2. Sure! Simply make sure their Level Cap (the amount of XP required to level up) is adequate and that they receive enough XP through behaviors, random events, etc. to level up at a normal rate. As a note, students should gain a level once or twice every month or so (in a normal school year).

How is it coming with being able to open quests up to certain students? I would like to do more differentiation based on various reading levels by giving different groups of students different quests. I also was thinking about teams completing a quest together and then move on to the next quest.

Any news on self-paced quest options? I'm thinking about offering quests as an extra credit option, but because only certain students will choose to participate, I don't want to manually check every single day to pass them onto the next objective. Also, any word on integrating boss battles into the quests?

Hi all!

We are so close to releasing self-paced Quests! We're shooting for having the option available as soon as early next week. 

To have teams complete Quests together, what you could do is have 1 team member per group hand in the work. Once the work is in, you could approve that team's progress and give them points for a job well done!

For Boss Battles, those are meant to be engaged in with the entire class, in person! With the new self-paced Quests, something you could try is having the last Quest Objective be one larger formative question or set of questions to close out a chapter or project.



When I manually enter test grades into the grade book, is there a way we can see what has been entered after the points have been awarded? I was looking for a way to see the list of grades I added to the gradebook.

Hi Therese,

This is not currently a possibility. The Grade Converter tool allows you to quickly convert grades into Classcraft points but does not save the grades that were converted anywhere.

If we get enough traction on this idea I'll transfer it to our decision makers.


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