Boss Battles

Hi, everyone:

Boss Battles make reviewing for formative assessments fun and exciting. Free users can create one Boss Battle and Premium accounts can create as much as they'd like.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Boss Battles!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager, 

Hey Mr. Hanlon,

We're working on self-correcting quizzes that will be like Boss Battles for individual students to do. :) So it's coming!

Hello! I have a question that I'm sure has been asked before. We are a 1:1 school with ipads. I would love for the boss battle quests to be available to the students on their ipads. Like in a true gaming system, if you try a mission and fail you can try again until you succeed while gaining valuable insight. Has there been any talk about doing this? I think this would be better than having the teacher run it from their computer because it limits how many students interact and answer the questions. If they were made available to the students then every student would have the chance to try out the quest. Thanks for reading!

I too would love to have boss battles be for a 1:1 class!  My students all have computers and keep asking me how they can do the battles instead of one random student at a time that I display for them.

Is there a way where students/ players can battle each other instead of battling a boss? 

They can be very competitive and they want to battle each other as well. :)

Also, can teachers have a graph for the results of the boss battle? I am new to this thing and I would like to use boss battle as a form of assessment. It would be neat to have some sort of chart like analytics for behavior so I can determine who answered the questions right and so on.

More power to Classcraft team! I am looking forward to a great year using Classcraft in  my classes. 

Hello everyone.  Just started classcraft and my students are loving it.  Again echoing what I have read about having battles 1:1 so that students can gain points and XP outside the classroom.  

A student also suggested to me on being able to battle other students in battle and challenging them for their XP.  I thought this was an awesome idea as it makes it realistic.

Is there a way to import questions for a Boss Battle? Like a spreadsheet of some sort. It would be a great timesaver. 


1. 1:1 battles that students could do on their own
2. Students ability to challenge other students for XP

I am so excited to hear boss battles are going to be individualized! I currently use the boss battles to grade quizzes instead of giving them.

@Stephanie Carmicheael

I use Classcraft with 3 different content areas. Would it be possible to assign boss battles to a class so that they do not all appear in every class? An import feature, similar to that used for powers and behaviors, would allow the quizzes to easily be added to multiple classes.


Do you have a time frame when you will have Boss Battles for a 1:1 class?  I would like to have review sessions for the kids as a small group or individually.  It is hard to do when only 1 kid can answer a question at a time when I have 35 in a class.  It would also be great if you can assign the teams to battle the same boss at the same time so they can work together and battle in real time.

Please include individual student boss battles with self-grading quizzes. It's very important that there be a way to hold individual students accountable through the game. My students would definitely work harder on quizzes if it was coming through Classcraft instead of another platform.

Boss Battle Tip:

If you want students to have a chance to re-answer a question during a boss battle, you can set the boss battle to select individual students. If the student gets the question wrong, their teammates can help them before you show them the correct answer. Then, roll a dice (I use a D20, but you could use any dice or even just flip a coin). If the students get a certain result (11-20 on a D20, 4-6 on a regular die, or tails on a coin) then it counts as correct and does damage to the boss. If they get the opposite result, you count it as incorrect and they take damage.

Also, regarding math equations. The best work around I have found so far it to create the equations as images and import them. If anyone else finds a better solution I would love to hear about that.

I would love to see students be able to do boss bottles on their own to gain AP/XP/GP points.  I wonder if every chapter you could have different quizzes be enabled and students could use those quizzes to defeat different bosses and earn points.  Then when the chapter is finished you could start again with different quizzes that relate to the new chapter.

Can you utilize boss battles in a quest?  I think this would be a great way to end a quest.

I have 22 third graders in two classes (we switch), without iPads or even great computers (we have three antiques in the back of the room). I am doing our first Boss Battle tomorrow, projecting it onto the SmartBoard. It looks good so far. I enjoy being able to weight the questions. We're a high scoring affair, so our boss has 300HP with questions ranging from 10 to 50 points apiece. I have a few extras to hopefully get this off the ground right.

I'm hoping in the future to see more animations than just the token ones. The sound effect is the same and it'd be nice to have some variance here. I'd also like to be able to rename the boss itself, not just the battle.

I was wondering if there will be an equation editor available to type questions in for the different Boss battles.  I really like the Boss battles but it is hard when I can type in math problems for my students to review.


Aaron's right: for the moment, boss battles are only accessible via the teacher's account. They are to be used as a review session in class where students answer questions out loud. However, students will eventually be able to do individual quizzes, our team's working on them!

Hi everyone,

although I know I am a little late to reply to Jared McConkey, I would like to post my views on boss stats here. Maybe they are of use for later users. As Classcraft support-staff told me, there is no way to adjust values for damage-outputs of boss and students separately, which is a huge obstacle for every game-master. Think about it: Each quizz-round equals one round of fight with potential damage on either side. Now imagine the following: A warrior (let's assume he is Lvl1) meets a small Boss (you could think of it as "lvl1" as well). Sometimes the warrior hits for - let's say - 5 HP, sometimes the boss does it vice versa. So far everything is fine. Now you let him face a terrifying opponent, drake, lvl 30. And this fierce, firebreathing, mountainlike-towering beast.....hits for 5 HP.

To make a long story short: You have control over 2 (!) values. My central lever for calculating a fair boss battle is the boss HP. If you allow me, let me explain:

  1. Create some questions for your boss. With "some" I mean 100 to 300! It is very annoying and considered unfair when you stumble over the same questions soon after the last time. 
  2. Have a rough guess on the difficulty of your questions. For example, I create my questions with a rate of 50 : 50 in mind, meaning, I expect my students to solve 50% of the questions on average.
  3. Think about how difficult you want that obstacle to be. I want my students to statistically be able to beat every opponent with 1/2 of their Max-HP left.

For further explanations, I will refer to my chart:

  • "#" means the number of students in the actual battle. My teams have 6 students and I use "Raid-Battles" once in a while with all 3 teams of 6 for a lvl 18 raid. You can extrapolate higher numbers if you like.
  • "EstHR" is the Estimated Hit-Rate, in other words the ratio of correct answers to all answers (see above). I always try to construct 50%.
  • "DMGs" is the Damage of a single student he is capable of dishing out in a round of battle. I assume a fixed value of 5. Feel free to experiment with others.
  • "DMGall" is the total amount of damge all the participating students deal in a round. Simply multiply #*DMGs
  • "Rnd" is the number of battle rounds, I wish the battle to take. As you will see later on, the number has to increase. In my case I use Rnd = #+8.
  • "HPs,avg" is the avarage value of HP a students avatar has with full health. Since warriors have 80, mages and clerics 30 and 50, you have to calculate the avarage by yourself. For my class, its 50.
  • "HPall" as you might have guessed is the total amount of HP of all fighting avatars. Usually I dont need it :)
  • "Ar" is a little more into game mathematics. As I have stated above, I want bigger enemies to bite for more damage, just like the whole group should deal lots of damage when they attack together. When my whole class attacks in 1 round, they would deal 90 DMG (see table). Since you can have only 1 value for student AND enemy side...with full-fledged lvl 18 drake biting, there are 90 dmage incoming! So we have to pipe that down. On the Bosses side I explain it with Armor (fur, scales, rocky skin...), on the students side with "diminishing returns" (problems of staying in formation, communication in the heat of battle...). Mathematically I use an asymptotic function to depicture that. Lvl 1 boss has 6,66% DMG-Rediction through armor, while the big bosses have roughly 55%. Thanks to the asymptotic character no armor can exceed 70%. Equation is Ar = (0,7-(0,7*(e)^(-0,1*#)))
  • "DMGar" is the damage that both sides deal per round of combat after considering armor or diminishing returns. It is the 1st value you need for CC: "Battle-HP"
  • "DMGar,EstHR" is the statistical value for the damage per round combined with the Hit-Rate. Since my EstHR is only 0,5: "DMGar,EstHR" = "DMGar" * "EstHR"
  • "HP boss" is the 2nd value you need for CC: "Boss-HP". It is derived from multiplying the number of rounds with the real damage "DMGar,EstHR". 
  • The last 2 columns are for controlling my calculations: "DMG avg, end of battle" is the amount of damage every participating student has taken the moment the boss goes down. As you can see, it revolves all around the 1/2 Max-HP damage I wanted. Still, bigger Bosses have slightly higher values.

I would not advice to make the big bosses more difficult. You might have the feeling the difference is not enough. But 1st: The battle is wearing the students down. Some of them might not be able to use their skills anymore, because they lack AP. 2nd: Not everyone can take a searing 37HP hit. Under unlucky circumstances, one bite means instant death (for which I dont have them roll anything so far! Its hard enough not to be able to contribute anymore during this battle).

If you have made it so far, I am happy and intrigued at the same time. Please tell me what you think about it. I am new here after all! <3

Best regards to all of you,



@Anne-Marie Menard: Please consider the possibility to change the damage-value for boss and player(s) individually

@Anne-Marie Menard: Please consider the possibilty to use powers for non-team members after game-masters approval. By this I mean that the dialog that is prompted after a student has been hit opens up, even, when the hit member is from an "enemy" team.


Hi, Lavonda!

It depends on the option you chose for the "Select Opponent" screen. There are three options:

  • Class (everyone receives the reward if they are victorious)
  • Team (only the selected team receives the reward if victorious)
  • Student (only the student receives the reward if victorious)


If the person or the team who has to answer doesn't have the correct answer, only that person or team loses HP.

I hope that's clear!

At our school, high student engagement and cooperative learning is a big deal.  I would love to have the option, where a team could do a boss battle and it randomly selects students from that team.  This would also be great to function from an ipad. Trying to engage more students at the same time.  If one team out of 5 is called on in a Boss battle, then thats only 20% class engagement.  If I randomly select one student of 25 then i have on 2.5% class engagement.  options coming soon?


With the new quest mode active now, it would be really cool if we could upload our own boss images. My students are chasing after an evil scientist named Gregor Collins! Let them taste the sweet vengeance they so crave.  That poor purple grumbler did nothing to them.   

I'm not sure where' we're not understanding each other, that's the problem with written vs spoken communication I guess.  So even on the screen shot you posted it says "Random" . There is no way to actually select each team and have a boss battle be a full class activity.  You do have the option to select the players or teams manually, so perhaps I could go in and over and over select teams to participate until I have the whole class, but that would take forever.  


When I select "Class" then "Students" or "Teams" it only gives me the option to start the battle, not assign questions to individuals.  But again, if this is to be used as a review, how is each team doing 1 or 2 questions out of the whole thing valuable?  I'm not trying to be difficult or anything, I'm really trying to figure out how to best use Classcraft in my room because it really has had a positive influence on behaviors so if I could use it even more, that would be even better.



Hi Matt,

I think I'm understanding you now. You want it so that if you create a "boss battle" with 15 questions that each student will get a chance to answer the 15 questions, rather than it randomly selecting one student to answer and leaving the rest in the dust, so to speak. Is this correct?

If this is it, I actually was just thinking about this issue. Even if I assign it to a team, it's still only a small portion of the class that has to think about the question. Ideally, all students would be thinking about the answer, but reality is less than ideal. 

I just developed a new strategy which is to give all students a handout with the boss battle questions. They do this as a traditional worksheet, but I frame it as Battle Preparation. This helps when we do the boss battle for two reasons:

  1. It helps insure that all students have answered all the review questions.
  2. It helps speed up the pace of a boss battle so that it doesn't have to take as long.

I've attached an image from my "battle prep" document for my first major unit as a reference. 


Hopefully, this address your questions/concerns!


Any update on when the individual boss battle for students will be implemented?  I would love to use this for quizzes for individual students!

Hey, Allison!

Here's a cheat sheet that might help with the new math equations functionality. Classcraft equations actually use the LaTeX language, so I'd try out anything you find on the internet that's in LateX.

Hi Nicolas,

It really is! As for how you can use it with chemistry, try pasting this in: "\LARGE{Na_2SO_4 \longrightarrow Na_2O + SO_3}" and let me know if that's helpful! Just remove the " ". 

There's a lot of things you can do with it! 

I really like the resizing function too! Feel free to try that out.

\tiny = smallest \scriptsize = very small \footnotesize = smaller \small = small \normalsize = normal \large = large \Large = Large \LARGE = LARGE \huge = huge \Huge = Huge


Here's what you should be seeing: 

Aye, that is VERY helpful and thanks for point it out!

Yes, Jayson Roy posted one here unless I misunderstood him.

Assuming that you made the battle and know all the answers, you could ask anyone if they want to help if you know they have it wrong.

Alternatively, you could have a power (or potion, item, etc. if you are homebrewing your own parts to the game) that lets a student jump in and answer it when THEY recognize a wrong answer - it would have the benefit of making people pay closer attention when it is not their turn.

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