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Hi, everyone:

Boss Battles make reviewing for formative assessments fun and exciting. Free users can create one Boss Battle and Premium accounts can create as much as they'd like.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Boss Battles!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager, 

I have found no comments on this anywhere ...

I did a boss battle today and we ran out of time.  The boss battle is incomplete.  

What happens when you run out of time to finish a boss battle?  Are any points awarded for partial completion?  Will it save the battle location so you can pick it up the next day where you left off? 

No rewards given.

I do believe you'll be able to resume it later.


   A boss battle resumes right where you left off but does give you the option to start over if you want to.


   There is a way for fellow team mates to help.  If you make the damage as "deal with damage later" then the other members of the group can absorb some of that damage via the protect power.

I’ve been using and loving premium CC for the past 3 years. Just wanted to check on the status of the self-grading battles (quizzes). Looks like it’s been in development since 2016 according to this thread. Any chance we will see this soon?

Hi Kelly,

Yes, the fruits of our labor will soon be available :) The individualized Boss Battles have seen many iterations in the past year and we can't wait to show you what we created but it is part of a larger project and is not yet ready. It is coming, however!

I started using Classcraft this year and my students and I absolutely love it!  I am planning on using it again next year and was wondering if there was any chance that an import or assign (similar to how you can assign Quests in specific classes) feature for Boss Battles would be added in the future.  I saw the reply to a similar question earlier in the thread about tagging the battles to make them easier to find, and, while that does work, it doesn't help with some of the Random Events I've used this past year where students get to roll dice to fight a Boss Battle from the list.  Since it's the end of the year, and I'm already thinking about next August, I thought I'd ask to get a plan going for how I'll use it at the beginning of next year.


Thank you for your help!


Id love to be able to set a boss battle as a quest item, to be either completed as a group or individually. It disrupts my ability to teach when I have to stop to administer one to one group while the rest of the class continues on,

I am still testing the system but think I will love Class Craft.  I set up a boss battle against my test student.  she won but no points were awarded.  I did this 4 times. even making new boss battles to test.  None automatically award the XP points.  Even after clicking green checkmark to say they won and should get the points.  Please help.  


I also want to put Boss Battles along the map to the end of the quest.  How do I do that?


Hi Mark!

We experienced a small hiccup on our Boss battles not giving XP for a few days but it has now been corrected.

As for adding a Boss battle at the end of your Quest, that is something that many teachers have asked for before and we are looking at ways to implement this but at the moment it is not possible. I will add your voice to our feature request platform to let our developers know that this is a feature you would like to see implemented to Classcraft.

For now, Boss battles are class-wide activities so you could wait until all of your students have completed the questline and then initiate a Boss battle to review the content from your Quest!

Does anyone have suggestions for classroom management during Boss Battles?  I teach 7th and 8th graders, and prefer to use the random team setup.

So far, I let the team have a certain amount of time to get an answer, and then choose a random person to answer and another to explain (both are required for a "hit").  My struggle is:  how do I keep the other teams engaged and accountable while a different team is answering???

Rachael, here is my suggestion. However, it involves NOT using the Classcraft Boss Battle.

OPTIONAL PREP: Print out a sheet of questions in advance. Probably multiple choice. 25-30 or so and run off copies. Hand them to your teams and give them 15 minutes or however long to answer. 

If the questions are "easy" enough, you can forego the above process.

Get the kids to get in their teams and make a Kahoot! and have the kids play it team-style.

The questions are in order. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. You don't even have to copy the questions over. Just put the number and the correct answer as A B C or D. Just make sure you name the Kahoot and the worksheet so you can keep the two congruent.

The team that wins gets the most XP, etc. You could even pull up results and say, oh, y'all got 3 wrong, so do 3 × -10 hits in Classcraft and delay the damage so the warriors and healers can do their thing. (or whatever numbers you want to use.)

I've done this periodically and it seems to work well. No, it's not as fun as the boss battle, but it helps keep all of the groups engaged all of the time.


I do wish Classcraft would offer a "steal" button so if a team gets it wrong, another team would get a chance to answer it right. The kids beg for it but there's no way to do it easily.

Hi Rachael,

Here's something I tried out today actually.

1. Each team has a white board to write and show their answers.

2. The designated team lets me know when their ready to answer the question.

3. I give the other teams 5-10 seconds to finish writing their answers.

4. Everyone holds up their white boards.

5. The designated team damages the boss or takes damage... just like normal.

6. The other teams get a "point" if they answered correctly also, but no penalty for incorrect answers.

7. At the end of the boss battle, the total "points" accrued translate to a multiplier on the reward (ex: for every 10 points earned, I double the reward manually).

8. Designated teams do not earn "points" because they are responsible for dealing damage to the boss.

This seemed to work great and gave the non-designated teams some stake in the questions that were not assigned to them. Let me know if I need to clarify any of this, but hopefully I got my point across.


So it's about 5 years now since you told us you were working on self-correcting quizzes that will be like Boss Battles for individual students and still nothing has changed?

Any updates so far?

Hi Konstantin!

We did develop a feature with Google Forms Quiz objectives! With this BETA type of objective, you can attach a self-grading Google Forms Quiz directly to a quest objective.

Your students will be able to complete and submit their quiz directly within Classcraft. You can even choose to make these objectives self-paced, sending students who pass the test one way, and students who don't another way.

You can learn more here:

Have a good day! 

Considering purchasing. How can I search other teachers' pre-created boss battles?


How can I import my own boss battles from question banks? Is ANY import format working? Or no. I have a textbook with question bank that can export in the following formats:
Blackboard 6-7
Blackboard 7.1-9
Blackboard Learn 9.1
WebCT CE/Vista

I saw the google forms quiz, but it doesn't seem to me like it uses the boss battle mechanic. I would love for my kids to be able to individually 'fight the boss' on class craft rather than as a group. The google forms quiz seems like it just makes them complete a quiz as part of a quest, not 'fight the boss'.

Good luck getting individual boss battles as a feature. The community has asked for that for at least 5+ years now. It seems the most asked for additions have not come to fruition.

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