Boss Battles

Hi, everyone:

Boss Battles make reviewing for formative assessments fun and exciting. Free users can create one Boss Battle and Premium accounts can create as much as they'd like.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about Boss Battles!

- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager, 

I’ve been using and loving premium CC for the past 3 years. Just wanted to check on the status of the self-grading battles (quizzes). Looks like it’s been in development since 2016 according to this thread. Any chance we will see this soon?

Hi Kelly,

Yes, the fruits of our labor will soon be available :) The individualized Boss Battles have seen many iterations in the past year and we can't wait to show you what we created but it is part of a larger project and is not yet ready. It is coming, however!

Does anybody have any recommendations on a good balance for boss HP, question damage, XP, and GP?  I'm using Classcraft for a full school year (September - May) and have the students for 40 minutes a day. I'm struggling finding the right balance of risk/reward.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

Hi Jared,

I've been using Classcraft for a semester now and have been using the following for boss battles:


Chapter or Lesson Reviews: (Boss HP: 50) (# of Questions: 10) (Battle HP: 7)


Unit Reviews: (Boss HP: 100) (# of Questions: 20) (Battle HP: 6)


This worked very well before the critical hits and misses came online.  I used group answering, so a team that hadn't studied could find themselves taking a couple of hits if many group members answered incorrectly, but most wouldn't fall in battle unless they were already in dire trouble to begin with.  I always let students heal and prepare before boss battles.

My students really get excited about critical hits and misses, so I need to change the balance to account for it.  I'm going to keep it mostly the same, but experiment with lowering the Boss HP by 10 or 20 points.

Have fun with Classcraft!  My students and I have been having a great time!

Thanks Matthew!

Hi, Cara!

At the moment, Boss Battles aren't set up that way. However, you can add tags to your Boss Battles for easy sorting. For example: You could make tags for each of your classes.

Hope that helps!


I see how to add tags to questions, but not how to tag battles. How to I tag a battle?


Thanks for the help!

Cara - Hmm, looks like there's a bug. I'll let our team know!

Eric - No hard ETA at the moment, sorry!

Hi, Daniel!

We don't have that at the moment, but we may add it at a later date.

 "Adventures in the Wild" worked great! I am a Classroom Tutor in an Inclusion class, with students on IEP, students who are gifted and typical level. For that reason, I really push teamwork. I rolled out Classcraft  this week and it's been a hit. 

To get to my question. Does anybody of ideas for (countdown) "White Mountain Trek" or  (stopwatch) "The Forest Run?"   

And Aaron Snyder that idea is great. 1:1 gaming would be awesome as well. 

Hi, Kelly!

That's a video game mechanism. The idea is that students will sometimes do more damage than anticipated (critical hit) and other times miss. They could imagine the boss dodging their attack. So it's not related to their weapon. :-)

When the class is victorious, rewards will be distributed automatically.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that you can disable critical hits and misses in the boss battle options.

I'm on the fence when it comes to purchasing this. Maybe I have just not figured everything out yet (in fact, I'm sure I haven't!), but I've been disappointed when I am able to get my kids into a lab (1:1) and the quizzes/battles aren't available. During class, I'm frustrated because I don't want to display to everyone that Student X just lost all kinds of points, but that seems to be the only way to let the warriors have a chance to protect them. I don't see how this works unless everyone or every team has a device online when I'm updating the scores. I'm trying to use this as team and individual motivationa and a way to communicate with families. So far, it isn't working. The kids enjoy it, but it isn't a good use of classtime yet.

The quizzes/battles can only be used on one computer.  This means they can only play on probably yours.  I'm hoping there is a way that we can eventually create battles so students can play by themselves to earn points.

Hi, Vincent!

Your suggestions were passed along to the dev team:

Since the game dynamic is based on being part of a team, it will not be possible for a student to use their powers on a player who isn't on their team.

Regarding the possibility to change the damage value for bosses and players, that's a good idea, although we wanted to keep things simpler for teachers who are not familiar with video games. We might add that at a later date.

Thanks for your input!

Hi, Nympha!

There is no Player versus Player option at the moment.

I'll take note of the idea for a graph showing boss battle results!

Is there a way to share my boss battle with my colleagues? I am currently trying to replace our physics quizzes with boss battles for 9th graders. The thing is i am not the only physics teacher for 9th graders. So i have to share my boss battles or questions to the other teachers for all the kids to see them. Is there a easy way to do it? 

Hi, Emre!

For the moment, it's not possible to share boss battles with other teachers.

Is there a way to "store" a boss battle? I've created some that apply to lessons we've completed, so we no longer need to see them anymore. I don't want to delete them because we will use them next year.

When random students are selected to play the Boss Battles how are the points awarded or taken? is it to the individual students? Is it to the whole class? 

I am also wondering if there is a way to choose specific students to do a boss battle. At the moment I am marking students absent who do not wish to join the battle, but it's an extra step to remember when getting started so I am hoping there will be an update to allow me to simply check the students who want to battle.

Thanks! Annette

Hi Annette,

There's a question bank, but not a boss battle bank, so it's not possible to store a completed battle. However, you can drag and drop battles to change their order: You could, for example, put the battles you've completed at the bottom of the list.

Annette, you can select a single student to do the battle, but not multiple students. I'll pass your comment along to the team, though!

Hi Meagan,

For the moment, it's not possible to import questions from a document.

Hi, Michael!

Unless I misunderstand, part of what you're asking is already available: When launching a boss battle, there's the "Select Opponent" screen, and one of the option is "Team." Here's how it looks:

This makes it possible to pick a single team and have the game randomly select students from that team. It's not yet available on iPad though!

WOW, thanks.


I was happy to help! 😄

Following up on Meagan's comment about importing. If this is in development I would love to have to the following:

1. Some idea of a potential timeline. I realize this is always uncertain with development, but if it might be coming in the next 6 months I don't want to spend time developing a workaround that immediately becomes obsolete. However, if it's more than a year out then doing that work might be worthwhile.

2. Importing from a spreadsheet would be great. If that would allow be compatible with a QTI format that would be even better.

Other suggestions I like and would use right away in class:

1. 1:1 battles that students could do on their own
2. Students ability to challenge other students for XP
3. Ability to edit math equations and ideally also create formula type questions.

Hi, Kip!

We're aiming to make boss battle importing possible in 2017.

Quick question. Say for whatever reason the group wipes while fighting a boss (everyone is killed!).  What happens next?  What do you do in this situation? 

@ Derek Ruble: The challenge-idea was implemented by my students into the "powers" before starting. Warriors can challenge others, the demonic tutor and even subjugate other teams via powers, which is quite fun.

@Brian Johnson: Can you explain your question a little bit more, please? IMHO the obvious answer is that the normal mechanic applies to everyone. This means, normally, when a character dies, all teammembers recieve extra damage and - given that the dead character promises to fulfill his sentence - is simply resurrected. In this case you can skip the damage-step; they are all dead anyway ;) Just give each of them a sentence and ressurect them all. I mean, they deserve the punishment, don't they? They must have slacked a lot to fail so miserably.

Of course, you can feel free to write a whole story around it. For example, use the wheel of fortune to ressurrect only a few, give them extra tasks (sentence) to ressurect the next of their choosing, give the newly ressurrected their sentence to revive even more and so on.

And, last but not least: You can walk the opposite path and blame yourself for losing your students on the way of education and give them all a god-sent pardon.

I have never experienced that myself before. Please let me know how it turned out ^^


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