Small classes—two teams or three? And do I duplicate which role is doubled?

I'm a French teacher in New Hampshire, and I plan to use CC to do a lot of team competing with content. Being new to the game, I'm not sure how to configure my teams. I have small classes—6, 8, 8, 10, and 13. I have set up two teams of 3 or 4 in each of the first three classes, but what should I do with the 10 and 13? 

Also, if there are two teams of 4, should each have the same role-type doubled up (i.e. two warriors on each team), or is that just a strategic decision on the team's part?

Hi James,

We typically recommend team sizes as close to 5-6 students as you can get.

For the class of 10 students, you could do two teams of five students.

For the class of 13, you could do two teams of four, and one team of five.

The extra character types can be a strategic decision on the team's part. :)

I know it contrasts what Stephanie just said, but I also have small classes so I can sympathize. I don't force the teams on the students and let them decide their own. The end result is typically one team of 5, then a few smaller teams. Later in the year, I let them "buy" team switches with their gold and that is when many students will merge teams.

I am a little confused.  I gave my kids their codes to log on at home and pick their character.  Can the students pick their character first and then select teams?  The directions seemed to say to put them in groups first but I want them to be able to pick who they want to be and then let them pick their groups knowing they have to have one of each.  I have 30 to 32 in each class so I am looking at teams of 5 and 6.

Hey, Sheri! You'll want to put students into teams through your account. They can't do that part on their own.

Yes that was my plan after they picked their characters.  I would let them decide groups with my help and have them come up for me to put them in the group.  Just wondering if I sent them off to confusion by letting them create their accounts and pick characters first.

I'll also contract Sephanie a little, but I'm a German teacher and for foreign language I found that small teams work better for me, since I want them to talk to everyone on their team. Bigger teams tend to break apart conversation-wise. 

I had a class of 6 last year and did two teams of three students. I also have now of an average team of four students. It's the team's decision strategy-wise what extra player they want. If they stay in my class next year, they'll have the advantage of knowing how the game works and what characters are most helpful to start off with. 

I have small classes too as a foreign language teacher. Thanks for sharing, Danielle. It's good to see that it works for small groups. I'm also wondering, if I have only 6 students in my class, can I somehow have them play against the gamemaster? Will it work?


No problem! I think you can tinker with whatever you want. That's the awesome thing about gamification. You just keep adding more fun things that work for you! An easy thing to do would be to add some random events in where students can challenge you for bonus XP or Gold. 

Or perhaps you could be the final boss at the end of the year using the boss battle system. If students can beat you, then they get a cultural food party, a field trip, or some other awesome reward. 

Thank you for your question, I teach at a small special ed school and have very small classes, 3 - 10.  Can I use Classcraft with my class of 3 kids?  Without teams?

Hi Diana,

You can definitely play in small classes with no teams at all. If you do not create teams, your whole class acts as a big team and your students will be able to interact between each other as if they were on the same team.

I would suggest you try to have 1 mage, 1 warrior and 1 healer in your class to allow your students to interact effectively using collaborative powers.

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