[Solved] Is it possible to edit powers? Their actual content and not just features?

I read some great ideas about powers in this forum thread https://game.classcraft.com/forum/YNqSDKAFJDkdfqvy8

But I can't find a way to edit powers at all. Only change their names and whether they are meant for the player, team or class.

I need to adjust them as some of them are not relevant for my students at all. Please help. thanks.


Hi Or-Tal,

Yes, you can edit powers — however, you can only edit the description for powers not tied to game mechanics (so personal and academic powers can be customized).


I've edited many of my powers just to make them relevant. If you're stuck on ideas, let me know. If I get a moment, I'll share some of my customizations over on that thread.  It used to have a lot of great suggestions, but they just moved these forums so it looks like the content needs to build up again.

Thank you both. It took me a while to discover where I can edit. Still not sure I've done enough... ;)


can a student change their powers? for instance, A mage who chose teleport wants to change his power to Mana transfer and how if ever.

Hey Angela,

No, but you can unlearn powers for them.

- In your teacher account, open the power tree for the student.

- Select the power.

- Click the "unlearn" button.

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