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- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager 


I am CS teacher how are you?

Hi, I"m a special education technology and computer science teacher. I'm using classcraft as a way to encourge my students to work together and help each other since I'm teaching a new year-long computer science course, Code.Org's Computer Science Discoveries. I preface the introduction to classcraft by telling my students that we're all learning all these new CS topics together and we all need to work together so none of out team mates fall in battle if they get frustrated and act out

Hi Alana! 

I am looking to use Classcraft to help with engagement and classroom culture in my computer science class (CS Discoveries) with Any suggestions? Or have you already set up some quests that I could look at?



S. Lindsay

I use Classcraft when I teach CS Principles and I use CS Discoveries for part of my Intro to Digital Tech class. Here are a few quests I created that you might use in a CS course:

I hope you find these helpful.


Am a student, I teach my peers and teens around me what I learn as I progress in my studies, because not all of us have access to certain learning materials. 

I have a particular interest in PYTHON programming language, and was wondering if any teacher is willing to take me as a student, please I really need this and there are kids that look up to me. please.

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