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- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

I would love it if they could change the characters to be "sci-fish" for technology classes.  Stealing character ideas from Starcraft, Halo, etc.  would then allow Tech and Science teachers to get their kids involved.  Warriors=Soldiers (titles probably could even stay the same), Mages=Scientists, Healers could remain the same maybe.   

Might happen down the road. :) Love those new class ideas — Healers = Physicians maybe?

The great thing is that you would not be inventing the wheel.  Some of the abilities would still be the same as warriors/soldiers - protect 1, protect 2, ambush, etc.  The same for physicians/healers  Even the mage/scientists would be the same power just a new name for somethings (invisibility = cloaking, mana transfer = energy transfer)  Honestly the hardest part would be the clothes.  BUT to get it started you could do like year one of classcraft which only have one look for each group to get it started.  AND being a business guy you could offer one subscription at $8 (like now) a subscription for current and both, ClassCraft & TechCraft (see there is the name :)),  for $12 a month.


Robot pets for soldiers, alien assistants for physicains, and robots & aliens for scientists. 

I would be willing to give suggestions and beta test the new look if you go this route

My kids would love some cyber punk

You said cyper punk and it made me think of Shadowrun.  It was a series of books and a RPG that dealt with magic and technology mixing.  It was an awsome series of books, that would be a cool way to take CC for a technology version 

I would love this.  I'd prefer Security over Soldier, but not a game changer (no pun intended).




I would love this as well! It would definitely make things fresh when teaching the same students a couple of years in a row.

Hey, guys, Does anyone have some good suggestions for powers and behaviors for a technology class? 

Powers that give the students more privileges in the class that have been earned work really well.  One power that the students have in my classes, is the ability to bring their own device for music.  Another power that pretty much uses up all of the AP for the mage is the ability to allow the team to collaborate on a project (if the project was designed to be completed individually).  I plan ahead for this so that I have a different set of requirements if they decided to do it as a team.  This is great because they collaborate and the project is even more challenging when using the team approach.  

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