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- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

Hi, I am just getting started setting up my classes.  I teach middle school science, grades 6th, 7th, and 8th!!!! I am really excited about Classcraft and the students are as well.  I will keep everyone posted on how it goes. - Jumping in with goggles, gloves & apron on, Mrs. B

Awesome, Sherry! Can't wait to hear how it goes! :)

I teach grade 9 and 10 science, and 11 and 12 biology.

I find the fantasy theme of Classcraft is an awesome counterpart to the scientific studies we do. As well, it lets me explore the history of science a bit (like making the Classcraft concepts seem like they use "old science")

I use ongoing "campaigns" that take themes from the science we study. For example, I run a biology 11 campaign set in a city modeled after the human body. The students are trying to track down an agent and discover what is going wrong in the city. The students love it! (most of them, anyway)

I teach 7th grade Life Science and just began using Classcraft yesterday, piloting the premium version for our school. It seems like it will be a great, engaging tool! I have questions about the gradebook, though. It doesn't seem to integrate with existing gradebooks (our school is using Schoology and Powerschool gradebooks), which would be a huge shame, if true. That would mean teachers need to enter grades twice, which we don't have the time to do. That would lead to Classcraft not fully representing the work/effort that students are putting forth in class. :-(  Does anyone know the powers and limitations that the gradebook has? I'm currently frustrated because I entered scores for our first assignment, but now that seems to be lost in the ether, because I cannot see those scores or update them to add new scores to the assignment.

Thank you for any helpful advice you can provide. 

@ Ms. Janson

The gradebook feature is a bit misleading - I actually think the name should be changed, since it doesn't function the way a teacher understands the word "gradebook".

It is not a record-keeping feature (as far as I know, unless it has changed). It is a simplified way to automatically apply XP bonuses and HP deductions based on marks. The numbers aren't saved - it simply converts the grade to stat changes based on your class settings.

With that in mind, it doesn't integrate to any gradebook software.

Is there any intent to upgrade the gradebook, or to rename it to avoid this confusion?


I understand your concerns. We plan on adding a functionality to save grades, so it will eventually work as a record-keeping feature.

Having CC a) record grades entered and b) show who has completed interactive content would be a HUGE boon.  When I bought my premium account, I just assumed that the content claimed would be recorded. (After all, it must be stored somewhere so students can't claim things over and over again.)  

I'm putting my whole units online to try to flip my class and create more time for project work for next year... but it makes it hard come report card time if I can't tell who has done what.

Any idea if we will be able to check who has done what by the beginning of next school year?

I was wondering if there was a way we could share Big Boss Battles between other teachers? I use True/False for my Big Boss Battles, but I would be intrigued to incorporate other science subjects now that I am teaching at a different alternative school and may have different science subjects in one day.

I've incorporated in my random events characters from the sci-fi, superhero genre which the students really find interesting. For example I have a random event for all who are mages that talks about the The Dark Mage Saruman attacking. I'm still developing more and hope to even add some Star Wars elements in.

Perhaps adding a class called alchemists :)

I do wish there were more classes besides warrior, mage, and healer. 

Any chance that there are going to be additional character classes, say elves, dwarves, alchemists, etc?

I have the same question as Eve- I am looking for a question bank of ready-made 6th and 7th grade Science (and math and ELA) Boss Battles questions that can be imported?  Not Quests, but specifically questions that can be imported into Boss Battles.  Thanks

Hi MrsT Vocix,

Thank you for reaching out! 

At this time the ability to import questions into Boss Battles is unfortunately not yet available, we do however offer several Quests that can be imported through our new Quests Marketplace

We also have our free Discovery VR Quest available and accessible through both our Premium and Free accounts, so everyone can try out our Quests! 

I agree with John Whybrew III. It would be great if there were some other characters besides warriors, mages and healers. Or perhaps even other world options. A colleague and I were discussing what might happen if you used Classcraft for multiple years in a row. Would students get tired of the same worlds, characters, etc.? I think that it would be nice to have other options as well. Maybe, something like space or even geologic time.

Is this something that Classcraft has thought of incorporating in the future in order to add more variation to the platform. I sure hope so because that would be awesome.

Hi Amber,

Fear not, these situations you mention have been discussed internally at Classcraft and as we expand our illustration team, we will undoubtedly add more content, visuals and maybe even themes to Classcraft.

More cool features are coming in the future and we are hopeful that your students will fall in love with them, just as we did when we discovered them!


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