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- Mélysa Fréchette, Community Manager,

Looking for some ideas on how to incorporate Texas History curriculum into Class Craft.


I have just started using classcraft for my grade 5 students. I find it really helpful. It has changed my classroom as a whole. I wonder if a feature could be added where the students could do online quizzes as homework and gain XP according to their results. And the score of these quizzes could be saved too. That would be really helpful. But the features that is available now are amazing.

Hi Fazeela,

Thank you! We're working on individual quizzes, but I'll take note of your idea to save quiz scores.

Hey Melissa Bartlett, I just started this school year with my Texas history students and they now have a quest feature. So you are able to add your lessons into the quest and students will go along with it or you can add a textbook assignment as a task. The only thing that's annoying is that you have to do a quest and task for each class you have. Hope that helps and answers your question.

Hi Randy,

Just in case this could be useful to you, here's our article on importing quests from one class to another:

I think Classcraft is particularly good in History.  Now, I teach college students but you could easily do this with younger students as well.  My whole class is focused on heroes.  We start with a general discussion of Great Man theory of history and why we think about history in terms of individuals, rather than processes.  It's a natural way to think, because humans learn by telling stories with heroes and villains.  As long as you recognize that this is just a tool for conceptualizing the past, it can be useful and even motivational. 

We also read about Joseph Campbell's Hero with 1000 faces.  At various points in my class, my students imagine time-traveling back to the past to meet a "hero" from the times we are studying and interview them about their "hero's journey."  So they learn about this person through their research and it connects back in to the overall theme. Then they also do some small-point participation assignments where they share their own personal heroic journey with their Classcraft teams.  And some other assignments tie in as well.  We do one on art and how leaders (and ordinary people) were portrayed in art in the past, for example.  

And at the same time, I'm asking them to BE heroes for their team by using their powers to help each other and commit to non-game ways of helping each other too (like sharing Quizzlet flashcards they made).  

This doesn't mean we don't talk about "process" - diseases, the economy - things that are impersonal.  And we talk about the lives of ordinary people in the past as well.  But visualizing history as a story with heroes and villains gets my students connected to the class so that they can appreciate the more complex processes as well.

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