Let Teachers Make Custom Characters Too!

My students and I are loving Classcraft this year. It has really made remote learning more engaging than any other platforms I have tried. Every Friday we have a Boss Battle to review the content we went over this week - and the kids see this assessment review as a reward because they have so much fun with it. 

While we were logging on today, we brought up how they are able to develop and put together these cool characters that can reflect them - but the teachers are stuck with a generic avatar. 

So, I thought I'd at least submit a suggestion for teachers to also be able to create a character that can reflect us.

Hi Catherine,

Teacher avatars is something we would love to see come to reality!

For the moment, an alternative would be to create a fake student in your class and then create the student account linked to it, once that is done you can simply give a lot of XP and GP to this character and use it as your avatar by customizing your character with high-end equipment.


I believe teachers do not have an avatar all, generic or not.


But we have been asking to be able to have  our own avatar, customisable or not for years now:




So just stick with their alternative for now

I have had all of my students design their own characters for a game I started in my art classes before joining Classcraft again this year. I created my own character and use it in the game and will be creating a poster to hang up in my classroom with all my stats on it. That's my workaround until we get teacher avatars built in.

I've been using CC for years now...and I'm not sure why this is still not something that has become a reality. It is something my students ask me for every year (they want to see my avatar on my account), so it certainly would be something not only beneficial for teachers, but for students as well...would allow them to really join together their experience as being OUR experience, together, as a team.

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