Lower Elementary Quests

I teach 2nd grade and am really interested in using this in our classroom. Does anyone have any tips for getting started with using it? Or ways that you use it with your students? I would also love to see some premade quests for lower elementary, most of what I have found is for 4th and up. Thanks in advance!!!

I’m in the same boat with 3rd grade. Some of these posts are from years ago. Is anyone still around? Hope we can find some help along the way. This is like a real life quest of my own.


I believe you should be able to find quite a few quests for 3rd and 4th grade on our marketplace.

You can refine the search using filters in the upper section of the marketplace interface (Grade 3 should give you some nice results): https://marketplace.classcraft.com/en/

Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for the insight! That helps a BUNCH!

Thanks for showing this!

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