Tasks vs Classroom assignment Visibility

Good afternoon,

I've been delving into the quest systems/tools a bit more. When I make a quest with tasks there seems to be a bit greater control with visibility of assignments. For example, if I make a quest of our current chapter, my students can't see section two and beyond until they've finished section 1.

However, if I use the integration with Google Classroom for assignments, as soon as I create the quest marker the assignment posts into Google Classroom even if the quest itself isn't visible on CC.

Is there a way to prevent this? A setting I'm missing perhaps? I don't want the students to feel flooded with assignments in GClassroom, when I really only want them focusing on a few at a time based on the quest pacing.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Hi Adam!

When you create an assignment in Google Classroom, you can schedule it for a later date. When doing so, the students will not have access to the assignment in GC, and they won't feel flooded.

Have a good day!

I think the GClassroom's schedule feature would break the self-pacing feature of CC though. The quest marker would show a task, but the activity isn't necessarily released in Classroom if the assigned time hasn't been reached. I'll try it with a few smaller tasks to double check if that is the case.

Thank you though, as your suggestion did remind me of the ability to individually assign GClassroom tasks to students. I'm so used to giving using the full class feature I forgot you could specify which students got a given assignment. It'll be a bit of extra step in terms of releasing tasks on CC and Classroom as students hit their markers, but I think that will serve the over all effect I'm looking for. Thanks again for the inspiration.


Edit: In case anyone else is looking at this, if you schedule an assignment in GClassroom, it will not be a selectable option when using the CC assignments integration. Only assignments that are actively published seem to be selectable for quest markers.

I am unable to see where this part of the program integrates.  I am not sure why it is not showing up, unless it is just because I am in the Demo version and can not access.

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