The Game master needs an avatar

Okay, I'm going to be honest here...Sometimes I find myself a little jelly that the students get to add cool armor, headgear etc.. to their avatar  :-) 

Yes!  And pets. I want a pet.

Hi y'all,

Teacher avatars may or may not be in the pipeline. ;)


In other words: It's something the team is working on, but there's no timeframe, yet.

(I want a pet, too!) 

But a cool profile pic goes a long way in the meantime. :)

I have been waiting years for this. It's long overdue.

Make teacher avatars different than student options! 


Agree - a teacher avatar would be awesome!

This! ^

I'm in total agreement.  If I'm consistently changing my avatar/gear etc and earning my own XP, this could get the students more engaged to do the same.  Also, I as the teacher can lose HP and the kids would just love that!!

I agree. We can lose health when we do not login. We can gain XP when we Log in and use classcraft. This would ensure for consistency of use. :)

These are all really good ideas, I'll share them with the team!

Any updates on teacher/game master avatars?

Hi Deon, 

At this time we don't have any updates, but we are still actively working on this. Stay tuned! :)

I would like to weigh-in on this topic.  PLEASE! I would love to have an avatar.  I love this program because I am an avid gamer.  The students hone in on my enthusiasm for this platform.  My enthusiasm would sore if I could have the cool avatar. Happy teacher = happy students. ;)

I am just a lowly free content user, but I would love to see this happen. My students are really enjoying this and my ELLs are communicating like never before! 

I'm really hoping this happens soon. These adorable penguins really have me wanting my own pet and avatar to use. =(

Two years later and still nothing? 😞

Current workaround: create a dummy character for yourself, give yourself however much XP you want, and then kit yourself out. But really, GM avatars should look unique from students in a full implementation.

We agree with you! Teacher avatars are something the whole team has been looking forward to.

But we really want to do them justice!

Our illustration team works on many projects at a time and some of them take precedence over teacher avatars. A special avatar strictly for teachers would be a really cool quality of life improvement but not something that can be created quickly and implemented without requiring the involvement of most of our different teams here at Classcraft.

Still seems strange it is two years later and nothing. I understand it takes time for your illustration team to draw these, but they have already drawn so many Riders of Vay for Quests which seem to represent Teacher Avatars not to mention specialised ones with faces recently for quests.

It seems strange that over 2 years they can't draw one single Riders of Vay with a helmet to act as a generic Teacher Avatar in the intermediate until more can be drawn for something that has been requested on this teacher forum multiple times for well over 2 years.

Hiya Dan!

We always appreciate it when you take the time to share your feedback with us so I will take the time to answer your question while staying as transparent as possible.

It is true that a Teacher Avatar has been requested by teachers for some time now and you may think that it is an easy task and that is shouldn't take time to complete or that it doesn't involve a lot of people and decisions here at Classcraft but the fact remains that the company is changing and the needs of our teachers are evolving. We are doing the best we can to make Classcraft better for everyone but, it does also mean that some projects are pushed aside and unfortunately, as much as we would like for it to happen, Teacher Avatar is not yet at the top of the list of important features.

Also, you have to understand that the Teacher Avatars you've been seeing are teachers that won Quest of the Month. Those avatars take weeks to complete and they cannot be used in-game. We only ask you to try to understand the technical work that goes behind including a brand new character in the game.

We really love that our teachers are directly contributing to the awesomeness that is Classcraft but the facts remains that creating a whole new character; include it in the lore; offer both a female and a male option; different skin tones; different hairstyles and so on is a huge task and to make sure you understand how massive such a project can be, here is a video from 2017 that shows how Classcraft designs a character:

Again, I want to thank you for your input and ask you to please keep in mind that we read ALL feedbacks we receive and we are doing the best we can to make our amazing teachers happy! 

Cheers! :) 

Hi Jenny,

That is why in my suggestion I suggested using the already created design concept of Riders of Vay which in the story guide book are explained as teachers.

Just editing existing designs and pictures including creating a gender neutral helmeted one to avoid the need for skin tones, genders and multiple looks at least in the mean time since Classcraft feels the Teacher Avatar is not as important as it's other projects like the story quests, removal of weapons and other projects.

But I do understand Classcraft must decide where to concentrate their resources.

Thank you for being clear and letting us know while you understand the desire for the teacher avatar it is not a priority  so we do not expect it or get our hopes up as often are suggestions are simply replied with positive agreement and a comment it will be suggested. 

I am brand new to Class Craft and very much looking forward to a Teacher/Master Avatar.

I was thinking that I could join class craft  as a student, but I teach 6 classes, that would be overwhelming, so for now, I will wait.

Thank you for making Class Craft available free in response to CV-19 Pandemic.


I suppose this still hasn't been implemented.  I'm not a gamer, so I'm more likely to lose interest before my students do.  I think having my own character would keep ME engaged and probably even push me to buy the paid version.  

Oh well.  I tried Classcraft in 2016 and gave up after a couple weeks, I'll see how long I last this year.

Hi Jaime!

We understand that this feature would be amazing to have, and we hope we can implement it in the future but in the meantime, you are more than welcome to create a student account for yourself and give yourself a lot of XP and GP to customize it! 

Have a good day!

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