MS Math - Integers

I used this quest as a review about order of operations, integers, absolute value, and algebraic expressions.  It has a great story line.  Feel free to use and change what you'd like.



What an amazing Quest, Lisa. It's huge! :)

What's your expected timeframe for going through the entire thing? 

I do block scheduling so students did this with their teams in one 70 minute class period, but most groups didn't get through it all.  I would have liked to use another 45 min.  Some students finished it at home for review.

Wow this is awesome! I am pretty new to the quests.  

Do you just give students access to each new task? I've done it where I have to go in and approve that they completed the task to move on...that has been really time consuming. 

Also, how do you facilitate the boss battles in the quest? 

Can you also share the boss battle? I am using this to see how quests work, I am not sure how to move students forward without the boss battles. 


@Brenna - I had the students work in teams in class so that it wasn't as time consuming.  I had the answers for each section next to me so that I could quickly go through and check their work.  I think the most I had was 5 groups working at once.  I had my laptop in front of me so they would come to my desk, have me check the answers, and then I would approve them or they would have to do the 5 question boss battle before moving on.  I am hoping that some day soon Classcraft will allow us to integrate boss battles directly into the quests.  


@Joell - I don't know how to share the boss battles with you.  I made a simple 5 question boss battle for each of the topics and made the teams come over to my computer to complete the boss battle before moving on.  If you know how to share boss battles, let me know.  I am happy to share.

Hello Lisa,

Your quests are amazing ! 

I work in a french school in Quebec with 6th grade student. Would you mind if I translate your quests in french and mix them to do an annual review in math ?  

If you need an other quest, feel free to translate mine.

Thank you !

Linda Pothin


@Linda - I'm happy to help.  Feel free to use what you want and change whatever you need. :) 

Thank you !

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