4th Grade Quests for independent work

Here are several quests I have created for students to work through.  Some of them are more intricate than others but I am enjoying the story I am crafting...as are my students!  Each quest is another chapter in the story and I even include my students characters!  I am pretty sure I can write a book when I am done with this year based on the quests I have written, but my students are really into the story I am writing!  They keep speculating on the main villain!  Please excuse the typos... Sharing them in order...

https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/scRmGpJKQgo9dGBTo - ELA (Age of Exploration)

https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/dQTn4RG8ohdNoCyGG - This is a mixture of Math, ELA, and Social Studies.

https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/BueYYqEQyEoqiP5oP - Multiplication/Division Practice. Sequencing and compare and contrast.

https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/qcNs9eJXy7TziSpN3 - ELA

https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/JkudnZM7niSM3KuAo - ELA

This was incredibly creative, Mr. Howard! 

I can't wait to adapt this concept for my 3rd grade class! It's also refreshing to see another educator using Newsela as a main resource! I have an entire catalog of their articles aligned with social justice TEKS for each unit. 

Thanks for inspiring me to up my quest game! 

Thank you so much for sharing! I am new to Classcraft, and your quests are a great starting place for me!

This is awesome! My students have been begging me to create a quest, but I can't seem to get my creative gears working.  I also teach 4th grade (self-contained) so I think I might just start with one of yours.  You sound like you also play a little RP gaming yourself.  I've been relaxing with some Skyrim during our winter break.  Anyway, thanks for sharing!


I hope you continue to share your story and your quests! I am getting into the story too!

I adapted these for third grade.  Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi All!

Phil- I've used all your stories in the quests you shared and my students and I are loving this realm!

I created another quest that is in the same realm, and want to share it here for all of you who are also following Kilgash! I also made a video trailer (like a movie trailer) for the quest. You can change the content of the quest and the trailer will still work or you because it is strictly about the story line. I hope this is useful for you all!

Youtube Trailer: https://youtu.be/IPIQ3Y5DATY

A Terrible Winter Quest: https://game.classcraft.com/import/quest/aEsoiMxSmWQAnyJwH 

With a new year comes some new quests. Expect more soon as we are moving forward. I will try to allow for some more free sites like CNN 10 and such.

But I know you all just want to know what is going on with Kilgash and what has happened in the realm!

Wow. That is all I can say. Amanda, this is amazing and I am humbled that you and your students really like the story I have started! I love the direction you have taken it and would love to use your story idea in addition to the direction I am going!

And the trailer! You are amazing!

Added a little detail and changed the tasks to reflect my students learning this week.  Thank Amanda!



Hi Phil,

I was wondering if you could edit your original post to include what the subject area / content of each quest is? 


Aloha everyone,

Phil -  I love the realm you have created. I have used your storyline to build my quests around and I have started creating little 'side stories' that act as mini-quests in between your main story line. 

You can consider them 'legends of the realm' or mini character anthologies . Here is one that any of you followers of the Realm of the Kingdom of Light might enjoy.

Eajal, The Messenger of Light - http://www.mediafire.com/file/dssjhbrty22j02l/The_Messenger_of_Light.rtf


I will get on that in a day or two.


That is awesome! I may have to include Eajal in some upcoming quests!

These are incredible, Phil!  You gave me some great ideas and my students love the stories you created!  


In the first quest you listed above, how do you decide which students take the "Darker Path" line and which takes the loyalist path?


I literally had the teams decide what direction they wanted to take.

Next quest in the story!

This one is massive!

It includes - CNN10 response, Adding Fractions, Finding Equivalent Fractions, writing an Opinion Paper, Fact and Opinion

Also, some fun additions to the story!

I think I am finishing up this story within the next four quests!  Let's see where this goes!



Hi Phil! 

Your newest quest, The Tower of Greystone, is epic! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm adapting the content for my class, and we are excited to see where your story goes from here!


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