[Solved] Student Accounts for Teachers

Hello all!

I will be teaching a class on Classcraft this summer for teachers in my school district. My idea was to create a Classcraft class for this class. As the teachers sign up for the class with their district emails, it would be super easy to pull those emails and have them set up before we begin the class. However, they will be student accounts in order to be in my class. I would like them to be able to use their district emails to use Classcraft at their own schools later.

Does anyone know of a way to convert student accounts into teacher accounts later? Does that make sense? Or do I need them to create student accounts with a different email?


I think it's ok to do this. I feel like you can close the account and then sign up again if needed.

When I checked with support, they confirmed that teachers should NOT use the email account they will want to use later for teacher accounts when acting as mock students.  Instead, they should use usernames.

Hi, Nicholas!

Indeed, as Hoan said, it's best not to enter teachers' email addresses when adding them as students, since their email address can only be linked to a single account. There is no "Delete my account" option on the student side.

I have a student that registered as a teacher by mistake.  I tried deleting him and then adding him to my class so he would have a new student code, but no luck.  No matter what, when he tries to register he is taken to a teacher page.  HELP

I don't know if this will work, but maybe try it. When I made fake students for a group of teachers for a workshop, they couldn't delete the student accounts and create teacher accounts. So what we did was:

1) go to the student account profile page

2) edit the email address; make it a different address and be sure it is unlinked to google or the other options; save

We were all able to create teacher accounts with the district emails after we did this. Perhaps it can also work to go from a teacher to a student, Kimberly. Also, did he try deleting his own teacher account from his profile page?

Thank you marieve patterson for your workaround,

In my opinion, I also think about why can't a teacher in this class become a student in another class? Are we saying teacher need to be learner as well? I have a pre-service teachers class in this summer and it will be way easier for them to just use log in with Google account as a student in my class but later on can create their own classroom after they finish this summer training. Without doing the changing email, unlinking google account....

P/s: Google Classroom has this function as well. One can be a student in a class but be a teacher in another class, and can create classroom as well. Should Classcraft team make this feature avaialable?

How do you think?  

Hi Phuc,

I understand that adding learning teachers to your Classcraft classes would be easier using their Google Classroom accounts. But our platform uses email addresses to authenticate teacher accounts and therefore an email address can only be linked to one Classcraft account.

Since student accounts can be created using only a username and password, it is possible for teachers who wish to create a student account to create one without using an email at all.

As for your suggestion to emulate the way Google Classroom works, I have sent this to our engineers for review.

Thank you for your suggestion.


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