[Solved] Images

How can I insert images into my Google Document? I am creating a set of information sheets for my students and I want to spruce it up with your images. I found a class image set on your Resources page and downloaded it to my computer. I can see the images, but when I try to insert or copy paste them, they will not transfer to my document.

Thad - 

Just checking, did you unzip the folder? Sometimes I forget to unzip a folder before interacting with the files and it messes up how they function/interact with other software. I just tried out the images by dragging them from my Windows folder into a Google Doc on Chrome, and it worked ok.

Howdy Sam,

I clicked on it and thought I was unzipping it.  Turned out I was only downloading it to my destination.  I did get it unzipped and was able to get my images.

Thanks for checking.


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