[Solved] Student Codes

I don't know where to go to insert a student code. When I go to the site game.classcraft.com/profile it takes me to my teacher info and I don't see the "Add Class" section. 

I also dont know where the student needs to go to put in a Student Code.

What exactly is the Student Code used for?

Hi Marissa!

The student code is used by the student when first creating their Classcraft account. A student Classcraft account created using a student code will automatically be linked to the teacher who gave the code and their Classcraft class. 

Here and here are articles you may find useful.

Hope this helps! 

I don’t know any codes for it 

Hi Damian!

Please ask your teacher for the code, only they can provide you with this :)

Happy Classcrafting!

Hey, Ida!

What a great question. I've gone ahead and created a ticket for you so that we can work on this together. 

Looking forward to getting you all set! 

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