Really want new backgrounds, customizable character names, alternate themes...

For parents who object to "craft" theme, really would like an alternative theme.  Different names/ types of characters would also allow for more class customization.

Yes!!! I definitely need this for my community!!! I have parents that object to the fantasy involved.

The ones I've thought of so far would be:

1) a seafaring theme (not pirates, since that might be objectionable to some too). A lot of the current graphics could be reused pretty easily.

2) a space theme (more work since all the graphics, including quest maps) would need to be redone.

A sci-fi version of Classcraft could be cool and would fit in well for tech and science classes.  But it would be a lot of work to create all new visuals, so I can see that it would be prohibitive in terms of cost and time.   

And one of the other professors who teaches history at my school said she would love more accurate ethnic costumes and backgrounds.  She teaches African American history and Africana Studies and would love to have historically accurate choices for her students to pick from.  So if in the future, there IS another theme, "heroes from history" could perhaps be an option as well.  

I very much appreciate the larger range of skin/hair tones when students pick their characters.  It lets them see something that's much closer to their own appearance when they look at their character.   The one thing I'd love to see that might not take too much programming and design would be some gender-neutral options (even if it was only for Mages - a more neutral body-type.  This would make my non-binary students connect with their characters more closely.  

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