[Solved] Problem with Duplicating Quests with Google Classroom Assignements

 I love the new Google classroom integration with quests. It has allowed my students to turn in their work much more easily and quickly. However, I do have an issue that also keeps me from wanting to use the feature. I teach the same subject to 3 different classes so I have 3 different google classrooms and 3 different classcraft classes. So my issue is that when I have created one quest for one section, and I want to duplicate that quest for my other classes, I cannot change the way the google classroom assignments are connected. There is no way to make the quest for my 2nd blck connect to the correct assignment. I would love to know if there is a way to fix this on my end, but I have looked thoroughy with no success. 

This problem is occurring with non-google assignments as well.  I can't import assignments from one class to another all of a sudden.

Are coders working on quests referencing some of the online content code and then changing it?  For a legacy feature, a lot of bugs seem to be developing...

EDIT: Never mind.  Everything is working fine on my main computer.  For some reason, quests just weren't showing up on my Surface tablet...

Hey, Haley!

Are you still having trouble with setting up Quests? It would be a pleasure to help you out!

Hi Andrew, 

Yes I am still having the same problem. When I import one lesson from my first block to my second, which includes google classroom assignments, there isn't a way to connect those assingments to the second block class. I am not sure if that makes sense, but what would be helpful is if there were a way to adjust which google classrooms are connected to the quest after it has been shared. Please let me know if that is possible. Thanks!

The problem is you cant edit imported Google Classroom Assignments after importing. 

Yes that is the issue that I am having. Thank you for helping to clarify. I would love a fix for this issue because I like using quests in class but they are producing a lot of confusion as well.

I'm also having this issue, though it's comforting to know I'm not the only one.. Has Classcraft posted any kind of solution? 

Hey guys! Thank you for all the info! I'm forwarding this to our Dev Team so they can have a look. 


Looking forward to getting you an answer soon!

Is there a way to link announcements from Classroom? I want to share resources in a quest through the Google Classroom  stream but they are not assignments with a deadline.

Hi Therese, 

I believe that my colleague Nicolas was able to help you with this yesterday via our live chat. I just wanted to check in and see if you still needed any help with this. :)

Andrew, I would love to see the ability to switch up the Google Classroom Assignment as well. I will begin to use Classcraft when we start back on January 8. I have started creating quests and have already run into the same problem.

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