[Solved] Repeated Claiming

As of today (Nov. 9th) my students can claim online (legacy) content over and over again.  Several kids have maxed out their characters and I still haven't heard back from support.

Any idea what is going on? 


I am also having the same issue. It would be great if this was fixed ASAP!

Hi everyone, thanks for bringing up these issues. We deployed a fix last night that should have taken care of the issue, please let us know if the problem is still there today.

Great!  Is there any way we can restore our students data from a recent backup?  Some of them have irretrievably wrecked their accounts.  (I can't track how much exp and gold they had in analytics, because the class average spike causes the scale of it to go way out of wack and I can't just go through the log because their are several hundred claims by some students...)

Hi Jared, that is a great question that we brought up this morning.

For now it is unfortunately not possible to bulk restore or revert points, it has to be done manually using the +/- button as seen here: https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/231223247-How-can-I-add-AP-or-HP-remove-XP-etc-

We are working on a new reporting system that will count changes for you, hopefully to be released soon.

Rest assured, this issue is being taken very seriously.

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