Know which students have viewed a post, quest, or assignment


It would be great if in addition to knowing how many students have viewed a post, you could know WHICH students have viewed the post.  I can see that 24 of my 27 students have viewed something, but I cannot determine which 24 have viewed it.  This would be very helpful!


Hi Tobi,

Great feedback, I'll bring it up at our next team meeting!

I would like to nudge this post again.  I have taken some time away from Classcraft, but started up again near the end of the semester and I am finding that not knowing who is reading things makes for extra work.  If I could pinpoint the students who are not engaged online, then I could do some troubleshooting (tech problems, disengaged, etc.).

Thanks for all the great work!


I second this idea.  I love the suggestion!!

I will bring this suggestion to our developers, it could, indeed, be very useful to be able to pinpoint which students have viewed an objective :)

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