Using Powers During Class

 I am confused how this would operate in class. Do I need to have students on their phones or with computers? How would students choose to block damage and use their abilities without interrupting the flow of the class. I do not allow phones out in class, because most students struggle with staying on task with their phone by them. I do have a small set of iPads that I inherited, but it is only 8. I could not have every student logged in to one. Suggestions on how this would function in the class. I intend on using Classcraft next year, and I am looking to trial run it this year for the last month of school. 

I thought about using Delayed Damage to do damage at the end... but it isn't on my iPad. Only my computer screen....

This is my routine that (while still tweaking) works fairly well for me. I teach Middle School German. 

Before class as students file in: CC is projected on board and I give students the chance to deal with delayed damage that was given the day before. Any requests they have for powers (healing, eating in class, Manatransfer, etc) must be made before the bell rings. 

Start of class: Welcome students and randomly select a student to read the random event. Follow through with what it says. If it's something that deals damage, then I say "Deal with Damage Later". 

During Class: Proceed as normal. Award XP during transitions of activities. Use powers if applicable/able (Invisibility to use the bathroom), or just make a mental note and use them the next chance I get. Remove HP if they disregard a rule for that activity, but select Deal with it Later. 

End of class(last two minutes): My older students I allow to use their phones to do their "housekeeping" as I call it with their teams. For those that don't have them, I will take care of things on the board. For my other students, I get the lab once a week or so and let them update their characters during the last 8 minutes of class. 

Thanks for sharing, Danielle!

Michael, Delayed Damage is now available on mobile, so feel free to download the newest version of the app from the App Store. 🙂


Now that I am 1:1 with chromebooks it's much easier.  I allow students to log in prior to the day starting. (I teach 4th grade and my students enter room with about 10-15 minutes to get unpacked/log in and do what they need to do.  i.e.  use a power, send a message to me, change gear, learn a power, train a pet etc.  Prior to being 1:1 it was much more challenging.  I took about 10 minutes, usually during our snack time, to bring up CC on the smartboard and go student by student to see if they wanted  to use a power.  It took a bit more time but is a ok.  Being in elementary and  having the same crew all day makes it easier.  If you only have a class for 45 minutes or so, it becomes much tougher.  

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