Elementary Quests

If anyone has any great elementary themed quests or 3rd Grade related quests, I would love to see them! I have only created one to align with our fossils unit so far but let me know if you would like to check it out!

I teach fifth grade but would love to see your quest so that I could see more examples of how this tool is being used in other classrooms.

I started to make them up for my music class, but what I want to know is if there is a way to use them as a class all together.

You could probably project the quest on the board from your account, and have them follow along on their computers to answer questions and add their feedback. 

 I'm working on the book Hatchet with my grade 5 students. I'm working on connecting to it with a quest on wilderness survival. Will post it when I'm done


Our ELA teacher just finished Hatchet and would love to implement a quest! Thank you for the hard work you are putting into it!

Samantha, I would love to see your quest.  I have only made one and it is on geography but would love to share it with you. I teach 3rd grade.  I just learned how to share quests from one class to another.  Could I find yours on the market place?


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