[Solved] Tracking when power is used

The students have chosen their powers and are very excited, however they are constantly telling me that they are "using" them (we have just begun and they are just testing things out) but I don't know how to, on my end, determine who has used which power.  If a student walks into class late, for example, and I take points away, how do I know if they have used their power to avoid damage other than having them tell me "I used my power" without any accountability? Is there a tracker somewhere that I am missing? The newsfeed is clogged with boss fight bonuses and just says "another player has blah blah blah" without telling me the student.  Help?

In Classcraft, within th class, you need to go to the bottom left and click on the gear for the settings. 


2nd box -- check it. "Show the latest game event in the header"

You'll have a feed that is easily accessible and show you what was done when and by whom and what effects it had.


2nd Suggestion: Go to top right and click on your profile image. 

> Go to "My Profile"

> Bottom-right, click "Please send me browser notifications" -- these are relatively new and if you're using Chrome, I know it works because I get pop ups when kids do major things. Very helpful and I don't know how I survived without it before.


Hope this helps!

- Nicholas


Thanks, Nicholas!

I agree that browser notifications would probably be helpful to you, Rachael. You can also keep track of them afterwards in the Notifications Center.

Anne-Marie Menard: Where is the Notifications Center? I can't find it.

Hi Elizabeth,

On a Mac, you can open the Notifications Center from the top right corner of your screen. Here's the icon:

On a Windows computer, it's this icon in the bottom right corner of your screen:

(However, I think that feature's only available on Windows 10.)

Hope this helps!

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