[Solved] Student Characters and Making New Teams

From what I've been reading in past posts about changing teams and re-assigning student roles I'm wondering if when making new student teams in my classes do I have to deal with students who are stuck being warriors, healers and mages all year? I know that I can change their class but that seems to reset their pet training and pets. Not sure about other stats because I read on a Knowledge post that if I change a student's class, that student's character still keeps the level, XP, and GP. Is that correct?

The reason I'm wondering is because I would like to change student teams regularly throughout the year and team configurations will be limited when I try to balance them out with at least one warrior, healer, and mage per team. I was thinking that it would be great if I could change my class groups/teams and then have students let me know who needs to change class to balance the new team. If they are going to lose something I don't think they'll be too happy about changing class. I guess I could give them a little something for changing class for their new team.

My question sounded a lot better in my head and I hope it makes sense! LoL

Last year I did change the teams once in a while to balance things out, but I did not change the students' class. They do get attached to their character so I would not change their class. I didn't have difficulties balancing the teams and making sure there was at least one of each class,. 

That's good to know. Thanks, Lyne.

Hi Alfonso,

Here's some clarification!

Changing a student's character class will:

  • Keep their existing level the same;
  • Refund their Gold Pieces (GP);
  • Refund their Power Points (PP) and resets their powers;
  • Remove their progress with gear and pets.

Hi Anne-Marie,

When you say their gold is refunded is that from all the purchases they made for gear? So if they switch they can still get back to where they were before.

Hey, Ryan!

That is correct. 


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