What are your favorite HP / XP / GP behaviors that you have created?

I have been searching my brain and asking students, but I'm still looking for something special.  My favorite right now is a random event where the student has the choice to receive a piece of candy in exchange for -5HP.  you should see the contemplation going on.  So what are yours?

For random events I like the ones I made for each colour of the rainbow and the students wearing this colour as the main colour of one clothing item get 50XP. I also have a rock paper scisor tournament.

I modified one of the powers, sainthood, because the kids really didn't care about windows and doors, they can now use their powers to use the "comfy chair" for the period.

One of my sentences that I like is that the kid who fell in battle has to put up all the chairs on the desks the next time they have my class at the end of the day.

Two of my groups are special education, and they had a really hard time just remembering to bring a pencil to class (well, it's not that they did not remember, but they just did not care). So they get 5 GP when they bring one. For my regular groups, I would like to to start choosing a random team every day (with the wheel of destiny) and if all members of the team as all the required material (workbook, notebooks, binder...)they get GPs.

One of my favorite behaviors is a 40xp or 40gp award for doing a classroom job.  I have loved getting my students involved in the workings of my class and I love class jobs but the management portion has always been hit of miss or me.  So now when I have kids close to leveling I 'recruit' my workers and they help update my boards, clean the classroom etc. Its made class jobs a lot easier and connects to Class craft which is great! 

Great Ideas.  I am going to add them to my lists.  Thank you.

Favorite In Class Random Events

* One student gets to sit at the teacher's desk for the class period.
* One student gets to sit in the teacher's chair for the class period.


Favorite Virtual Class Random Event

* One student gets to pick a song to be played at the beginning of class while students enter or while they are completing their Warm-Up.

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