[Solved] Students are not able to log in.

Any idea why some of my students can't log in?  Their accounts are set up, and we've tried to delete, archive, etc them, but it's not allowing them to log in.  When I put in their student code, it says "This student already exists." They can log into classcraft at home though... It sounds like the computer...? Any ideas?  With thanks!


I have four student who cannot log onto my classes on ClassCraft.  I tried adding them through Google Classroom.  I tried the class code.  I tried the student code given within the list.  Each of these students were enrolled in former years with another teacher.  What is the way step by step to get them into my classes when the codes say "Invalid?"

Hi Kathleen,

I'll create a ticket for you in order to ask you a few questions. Expect an email from Classcraft in a minute!

Hi Laura,

I'm sorry to hear about the situation with those four students. 

Since these students already have accounts, they will simply need to archive their characters, from the "My Profile" page (https://game.classcraft.com/profile), (if that was not already done), and then enter your Class code. Please note the difference here between a "Class code" and a "Student code", where a Student code is unique to each student, and a Class code is unique to each Classcraft class. 

That's it! Once that's done, they should have their new Classcraft character and be connected with your Classcraft Class! 

If entering a class code in their Profile page gives them an error, please let us know and email support@classcraft.com with the names and email addresses for those students, and we will be looking into their accounts as soon as possible.

Hope this helps! 

Hi, I have a student who can no longer log in.  I think he forgot his password.  How can I reset it?  He did not use an email when he signed up, just a username.

Hi Diana,

We just spoke on the live chat and resolved your situation.

However, if other teachers encounter this situation, here is the way to reset a student password: 

You can reset your student’s username or password in the Students section of your class settings. On the homepage, hover over the circular bubble on your class card and choose the "Settings" option. You can then click on the pencil button across from the desired student's name to enter the student page and make the necessary changes, make sure you click on the green 'save' button to confirm all of the changes made.

Here is a screen capture to help guide you in these manipulations:
If your students have an email address linked to their Classcraft account, they can also go to game.classcraft.com and click on the “Forgot password’” button.

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