Class Craft PE

We just started using Classcraft and my son made a great suggestion. We made a separate Classcraft class for PE. We give XP for exercises, gold for completing whole workouts, not eating treats, and for persuading someone to workout with you. We also created quests of workouts for those not motivated enough to simply do a whole workout. His idea was that as your own body and health progress, so does your avatar. I thought it was a great idea and wanted to share it with other families. 

What do you do with Classcraft in your homeschool?

Cool idea! WE are just setting up the Classcraft for the first time. Love your idea. Can it be all in one? PE as part of regular class or? 

Hey, Nanci!

What an awesome idea. I think health is the #1 priority for optimal wellbeing and integrating that with Quests is just genius.

"as your own body and health progress so does your avatar" is the most amazing thing I've heard all week! Thank you for sharing. :)

Hi Steven, you can have PE part of a regular class, no problem! 

Nice idea, 2 of my kids are in homeschooling. What is the name of the quest that you did for PE? Is it available for viewing and benchmarking?

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