[Solved] Question about HP deductions

I just started using Classcraft and I'm wondering if there's a way that I can view the HP deductions that I've issued to students. At this point, I think I'm doing it right, but once I deduct points, it's not showing up anywhere. 

Am I doing something wrong?

You can view HP deductions as well as other things in the game feed. (Upper right hand corner icon).

However wha I've noticed is if a warrior uses protect the HP deduction goes away, which frustrates me since then parents who log in to see stuff won't see the negative behavior. Is there a way to see the HP deductions even when it was protected?

Side note if you use the premium version you can view student by student deductions under the analytics tab on the left side of the screen above the settings icon.

Hope that was helpful

Hello Amy,

You can see it at the top of the right side. There is a newspaper, if you click it you see the play feed. So you can check if you have deduct points. I hope this will help you.


Thanks ladies.

I did know about the game feed via the newspaper icon. However, the HP deductions aren't showing up there. I'm wondering if I just don't know how to deduct HP. What is the process I need to go through. If I'm not seeing it, is it because the team has to look at it first and decide whether they protect the teammate or allow him/her to take the damage? I just have no way to see what HP points I've attemtped to deduct.

Hi Amy,

I think if you doesn't see the HP deduction there is something wrong. Normally you see it immediately if you deduct the points. How works it if you give points? Can you see this? Have you try this with the class from Classcraft  which is installed to try anything  democlass or demoteam?

The team hasn't to look first after the points. You can decide with the team if somebody want to take the damage. But this is coming immediatly if you deduct points and someone can help.


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